Dense: Quirky Culinary

By Angelina Puschkarski

We at .Cent love food and the art of cookery. So here is, for those of us who are like us cooking lovers, something really inventive.

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Sculpt science into your appetisers with the innovative Molecular Gastronomy Kit. Whip up sensational tastes and enjoy the satisfaction of an intelligent and imaginative culinary masterpiece.
This fine cuisine will have you dining in comfort and class in your very own home – so no need for the high price tag of that fancy restaurant.
Make your meals mighty, with fizzy foam, bursting bubbles and aromatic art; form sculpted spaghettis, raviolis and pearls that are powerful on the palette.

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The kit includes 5 pre-measured food additives, five expert tools to create your molecular masterpiece, and a DVD of 50 recipes!
Gorgeously gourmet and with natural texturing agents you can build your own technical and detailed dish. Quirky cookery with a tantalising twist, the Molecular Gastronomy Kit will make you the host with artistic appetisers that will get the guests talking.

So if you appreciate the art in cooking, be sure to adore the kit that will make your food look like microscopic molecules.

Available from for £39.95

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