Ripped: The Perfume Bible launches

By Jo Phillips

We adore fragrance and the Olfactic art here at .Cent, so it really excites us when something clever comes along to further educate us and awaken our noses.  When we heard that fragrance expert Lorna McKay has teamed up with best-selling author Josephine Fairley to create the ultimate resource for Perfume – The Perfume Bible, well, we can’t tell you how giddy things got in our office.

Cent - The Perfume Bible

Launching in September, the lavish new tome captures the romance and beauty of perfumery – which will not only look stunning as a coffee table go-to, but acts as a great informer of fine fragrance in an accessible, easy to understand style that will deepen your appreciation and enjoyment of perfume and its history.

Beautifully-illustrated, its a comprehensive guide bringing together everything you need to know about perfume including guidance on which ‘scent family’ you’re attracted to (to help you find those new perfume must-haves), the art of shopping for fragrance (and their after-care), the journey ‘from field to flacon’, and offers a run-down of the 100 Perfumes to Try Before You Die – which include many of the greatest scents ever bottled.

.Cent spoke to Josephine (of the much loved Beauty Bible series) who told us: ‘The world of fragrance is bewitching – but also, for a lot of people, confusing. We take the reader on a journey from the dawn of fragrance right through to today – which we believe is the most exciting time in perfume’s history, with contemporary alchemists (the noses) weaving stories in scent form.’’

“Packed with insider info from the world’s leading experts and interviews with some of greatest international perfumers, this is an essential companion for anyone with a passion for fragrance and of course, it makes a fabulous gift for a perfume-lover, to be referenced time and again.”

If you’ve ever had a question about fragrance, it’s sure to be answered in this.

Cent - Glamour Icons Marc Rosen Whilst we’re on the subject of fine perfumes, this stunning book focusing on perfume bottle design and its place as an art form (written by internationally renowned packaging designer Marc Rosen) is sure to add as a welcome addition to your literary library.


cent - marc rosen perfume  Glamour Icons is a truly marvellous rendition of some of the most spectacular perfume bottles of the last century, offering an insight into the inspirations and tales behind some of the most iconic smells we know and love, as well as fascinating excerpts from Marc’s time in the industry working with greats such as Elizabeth Arden, Charles Revson (founder of Revlon) and Karl LagerfeldBuy it here.

  • A survey of the biggest names and most famous bottles throughout the history of perfume bottle design
  • Conceived of and written by seven-time FiFi Award winner and internationally renowned packaging designer Marc Rosen, Glamour Icons is a book that both recognises and celebrates perfume bottle design as an art form. Rosen calls them “small pieces of glass architecture”

Glamour Icons is a collection of the most iconic and spectacular perfume bottle designs of the last century. Written by designer Marc Rosen, the book offers an insight into the history of perfume bottles, their place in society and their inspirations.

The first designer to write a book about his craft, Rosen considers every aspect of perfume bottle production, from sketches and models, to working with glass manufacturers to realise the designer’s aims. He also reveals the important processes behind developing logos, graphics, colours, boxes and counter displays.

The book includes never published before stories about Rosen’s career including his first job with Revlon founder Charles Revson, his work with Elizabeth Arden, and his collaborations with the fashion houses of Chloé, Karl Lagerfeld, Fendi, Perry Ellis, Ellen Tracy, and Jill Stuart. The author also recounts his work with celebrities Joan Rivers, Christina Aguilera and Celine Dion, as well his intriguing relationship with Arlene Dahl, whom he would eventually marry.

Illustrated with marvelous photographs by Vincent Ricardel, the book contains many of Rosen’s remarkable designs as well as iconic pieces by other designers. Including his personal photographs and artwork given to him by many of the people he worked with, this volume is truly wonderful review of Rosen’s career and this compelling area of design.

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