Dense: WAM BAM Thank you Windle & Moodie

By Jo Phillips

WM haircare line

Acclaimed hair duo Windle and Moodie (Paul and Neil) have only gone and launched their eponymous haircare line in what appears to be their next stylish step into hair guru domain.  These two understand the power of good hair like no-one else, thanks to more than 30 years’ hair experience in the industry as well as a roll-call of clients ranging from A-listers, Fashion Doyennes, Models and even the humble Mme Public.

.Cent Beauty sat down with the boys to exclusively discuss the nitty gritty behind the launch:

Paul Windle

  How long did it take to create the line and the inspiration:

Paul – I have experimented for many years with various products and formulas at home and in the salon, but  it was approx 4 years ago the idea of creating a line became a conversation. The main inspiration of the whole line was to combine French Pharmacy with Editorial Styling.

Neil – What interested us was how French Pharmacies use specific ingredients and how good they were, and my experimentation with various styling products and other ingredients to achieve certain looks editorially, plus dabbling in product development with other brands he was linked which made me want to create my own bespoke line of styling products.    

Paul – Each of the items have been thought out through our own experiences for example, I was on holiday in Iceland in 2010 when the volcano erupted and it fascinated me how the volcanic ash instantly transformed the texture and effect of hair so I wanted to make a product that re-created that.


Neil 1
Neil Moodie

Please explain the ingredients chosen and why they were important to you:

“The products had to meet the high standards expected not only by ourselves as hairstylists but also from our clients.  We’ve listened to the main wants, requests, feedback from clients and we’ve aimed for this line to be an extension to our award-winning salon in Covent Garden, feeding in its exceptional standards of hairdressers and fashion heritage.

“Our shampoos and conditioners are powered by the unique properties that teas have on hair.  We use high quality teas, cultivated by a renowned tea specialist on their own plantations in ecologically clean and pure regions all over the world.  Known for their antioxidants, teas nurture, protect and promote shine, leaving hair more youthful and radiant.

“The Windle & Moodie shampoos are treatment shampoos and the conditioners compliment them.  They behave differently, because they repair, protect and strengthen the hair in addition to cleansing.  They restore the hair to optimal condition and create healthy flora on the scalp. We achieve this with naturally derived sugar beet extract and wheat micro-protein.

“We use unique, hair (and earth) friendly surfactants in all our shampoos, which are ideal for sensitive skin, and still create a luxurious lather.  They are gentle to the hair and scalp.  All our shampoos are colour safe, and free of sulphates, propylene glycol, silicones and parabens. They are eco-friendly and most of their ingredients are biodegradable.   

Rooibos tea from South Africa Infuses antioxidants to nurture and protect, stimulates hair growth, anti-inflammatory, considered to relieve skin irritations (itchiness, eczema – improves hair condition.  
Green tea from Kenya contains the highest concentration of potent antioxidants to nurture and protect.  It’s been found that it can slow the process of ageing and thinning of hair and stimulates hair growth.  Contains vitamin C (guards against damage of UV radiation), vitamin E (restores dry or damaged hair) and panthenol (strengthens and softens hair, may prevent split ends). 
Yerba mate tea from Chile Infuses antioxidants to nurture and protect, stimulates microcirculation. Contains vitamin C, B1 and B2. Green coffee Caffeine source helps to boost scalp circulation, and is a great antibacterial agent.
Monoi oil Monoi oil is an infused perfume-oil made from soaking the petals of Tahitian gardenias in coconut oil.  Monoi oil is used among French Polynesians as a skin and hair softener. 

Jeju oil / Camellia – We used a special type of Camellia oil – Jeju oil – that comes from the Jeju islands in the South Pacific. It is calming for scalp and nourishing for hair.   

Essential oils have been used in some of the styling products too. These included: Monoi oil, Camellia Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, and we also used Honeyquat which contains honey derivatives-quat means conditioning HPF which protects the hair from the damaging effects of solar radiation.

Sugar beet Extract which is natural moisturiser for hair and scalp and Spirulina Extract which is incredibly high in protein and nutrients.”


Were there items that didn’t go as planned?

“With the styling products we had originally planned to make them using only natural ingredients but unfortunately they didn’t perform well.  So we went back to more tried and tested formulas as a base and then tweaked them many times with various new or previously unused ingredients to get them to perform to the highest level in bothe the salon and editorially without damaging hair.”


What influenced the packaging design?

“It was important for us for the packaging to be very tactile.  Appeal to all the senses. So the colours and the feel of the bottles and tubes were also as important as the look- hence the matte black bottles, matte finish tubes with muted bright colours, aluminium tubes and shiny pots. We originally wanted the shampoo and conditioner bottles to be glass but this wasn’t practical for use in the shower.”

“We found the use of illustration interesting but wanted to modernise it. Neil approached his friend Nuno Da Costa – a fashion illustrator – to create some head illustrations for the brand, that would look like pencil and brush stroke drawings with the idea that they would be cropped into and made to look abstract, but on a closer look you realise that they are strands of hair, splashes of hair colour and occasionally see parts of the face too. There’s only one product with a full illustration on, which was the Treatment Masque.”

“We then worked with Smith and Co design studio (who usually design whiskey and vodka bottles) to work on the rest of the design. We liked the idea of working with a design company who don’t normally do beauty products, so we would get a completely different approach.”


What is Neil’s favourite session product:

“Has to be more than one! The Matte Texture Spray, Foundation Spray Thickening Cream, Volcanic Ash Wax and Invisible Day and Night Cream.”


Comprising 22 pieces including shampoos, conditioners, oils, hairsprays, creams, masques and styling essentials, The Windle & Moodie line combines pioneering hair treatments and performance-driven, styling products whilst all being made in the UK.  The line will be sold in their Covent Garden flagship salon in London as well as Liberty from 1 September.

Congratulations boys, this really is a well put together collection. Whoop Whoop!

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