Design Dreams

By Iona Cleave

Technology is so advanced, it often scares us. A fridge is no longer just a fridge, a lamp is no longer just a lamp. My speaker talks to me. What is real, and what is not? What lies under the surface of our new smart tech houses?

All of our houses tell a story –  the architecture, the design, the history. But now, the story is not about the bricks and paint, its about what’s inside and between. A secret world of high tech hidden within, that forces our houses, no matter how old, far into the 21st century and beyond.

Yet, there is an art to keeping it subtle, an innate beauty in the hidden. So, delve deep into the world of smart tech homes and let it amaze you.

A minimalist-modern style sitting room confronts you, free of clutter and electrical appliances. It is the vision of aesthetic calm. Yet, what is lurking under the surface is a new transparent TV, which blends seamlessly into the wall behind. It goes undetected until summoned to turn on, in which the disguise of glass reveals a screen. It’s spookily futuristic and a real feat of design.

Yanko Design’s Transparent TV

The fridge, seemingly normal on the surface, is now a far cry from simply an ice box. It is now a hybrid of motion sensors, cameras, and air flow and cooling technology. Sensing your movement it opens on approach, and can stream TV or even talk to you. Food stays fresher and lasts longer with new vitamin preservation lights and cameras allow you to see what’s inside from your phone.

Samsung Smart Hub Family Refrigerator

Whilst pondering the fantastical nature of this technology, music suddenly fills the room from all sides of you. An explosion of surround sound. Yet, there are no speakers detectible, anywhere. This is the effect of invisible speakers, designed to enhance your audio experience without having to compromise with any visual impact. Flat panel technology, can be inserted under the surface of the wall creating the illusion that the sound is coming from everywhere and nowhere.

A lamp turns on out of nowhere, as it senses the need for a lighting change. It also alerts you to the weather or any phone notifications. Mood lighting can be selected in every possible shade you can ever dream of, it can even aid your sleep.

The C by GE Sol Smart Lamp

There is little time to marvel at the high tech embodied within this little household object, as not even the floor is a floor anymore. A room can now be transformed with the click of a button, with the ground giving way to a hidden indoor pool. It is the definition of mix-use, the very zenith of skill, technology and luxury.

The entire house is alive, buzzing with smart tech objects that help to co-run, ease or advance your life. You are surrounded by hidden technology solutions integrated within and under the surface of design. These modern manifestations inspire intrigue and desire, yet now the power houses that are Google, Amazon and Apple help to make some of these design dreams affordable and accessible for the masses.

Is this a future to be fearful of? Our houses in possession of more intelligence than we could ever dream of, high tech flying under the surface. Household objects are listening to us, registering our needs and attending to them. Lamps plan our activities for the day. Floors disappear and TV’s appear. It’s definitely scary, and also just as exciting.

We’ve now gone past the world, in which a lamp is just a lamp and a fridge is just a fridge. Our daily lives are forever synonymous with technology, making everything we do a little easier, and a little faster, so why wouldn’t our homes also embody this? If lockdown has taught us anything, it’s the vast amount we can achieve simply from our sofas, tucked up within our homes.

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