Design Win

By Jo Phillips

Competitions are an important way for new talent to be seen on a global scale. SaloneSatellite’s a design competition held during Salone Del Mobile the biggest design fair held in Italy, has the mission to bolster the ties between research, design and industry. Open to designers under 35, it aims to facilitate the relationship between businesses and young designers preparing to enter the profession and the market, post-study. Find out more in Design Win 

SaloneSatellite also presents work by universities and schools specialising in design. This involvement is geared to staying up to date with the ways in which the educational system is changing around design, what priorities are indicated to the students and the research processes, how the students’ intellectual and practical abilities are being stimulated and therefore their understanding of the problems and consequences of certain production methods.


1st Prize
Designer: Lani Adeoye, Nigeria (Stand C26) Project: RemX, walker

The goal was to design a walker that would exude a sense of dignity, helping to empower the user, something they would happily have in their own environment and that they would be glad to use.

Elegance and dignity come together in an object useful for all. It is a valid example of contemporary craftsmanship that manages to combine local processes with global design inspiration. Lastly, it responds incisively and simply to the theme of SaloneSatellite 2022: Designing for our Future Selves.

2nd Prize
Designer: Studio Gilles Werbrouck (Belgium is Design), Belgium

Project description:
A limited series of lamps merging two techniques. Pouring white plaster onto black VHS crochet tape creates a unique piece: the crochet lampshade and a simplified plaster cylinder.

This project harnesses memory, bringing playful elements together with craftsmanship and design. The result is a good-looking, functional object that is also sustainable in terms of the material employed and the process.

3rd Prize
Designer: Djurdja Garčević (Young Balkan Designers), Serbia

Project description:
The concept involves moulding shreds of tyre into urban furniture such as rubbish bins, bumpers, flowerpots, stools, etc. The aim is to steer clear of virgin materials, make new products and do away with waste.

This is a cross-cutting project devised with prolonging the lifecycle of the product in mind, making for a friendly impact through its interpretation of a material based on recycled tyre shavings. It thus facilitates in particular the reading of urban furniture with a sustainable design that is also aesthetically pleasing.

Designer: Rasmus Palmgren, Finland Project: Ease Chair

Project description:
The Ease chair contrives a balance between material, comfort and aesthetics. Strong yet light, comfortable and stackable. The structure is its key design feature, engendering a character of its own.

This simple, well-designed chair, with its appealing design and functional purpose, is a product ripe for production.

Designer: Atelier Ferraro, Germany Project: +1,5 Celsius, chair

Project description:
This chair is a veritable chameleon of sustainability. Its flexibility and aesthetics allow it to be turned into different furnishings, reusing discarded particle boards.

This is a contemporary project that responds to the demands of smaller spaces thanks to its flexible construction, an expression of good design.

Starting in 2010, the SaloneSatellite Award Here is a further opportunity to facilitate contact between young designers and businesses.

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