Designer’s Eyes

By Gaurav Gujar

That fabric on your couch with specific stitching, patterns and colours or the studio ottoman in the corner with that intriguingly beautiful reading lamp beside it, maybe the vase with your favourite flowers or your fancy pan for your soul food, even the way your office chair reclines after hours of your hard-work,; a designer somewhere in the world is responsible for that divine joy of yours.

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Every day, so many of us ambiguously ignore the efforts taken to design every small detail around us in a specific way making our lives easier and putting a smile on our faces. The designer coterie passionately innovates designs for specific reasons and purposes just to elevate human interaction further. It is as if, these designs fit in perfectly like the jig-saw filling our lives.

Imaginative thinking and endless possibilities fill a void which isn’t even known at times, isn’t it? Sometimes, it may also be a void in the market identified by a designer which is fulfilled with a new and innvative product or service, they come up with. And of course, it also brings excitement to the table because for many of us the design itself can be more engaging and interactive than its purpose.

Every year, a new generation of designers surprise us with their unconventional and unique designs along with the thought process behind them. Just when we think, this is the most optimum design, there will be an out-of-box thinker who blows us all away with their creativity.

New Designers is a platform which brings new graduate designers from every possible stream, together to showcase their talent, ideas and designs alongside each other. Textiles, fashion, spatial, jewellery, furniture, product and so many more branches; come together and socialize amongst their peers and industry experts. This helps them understand their own designs better with the help of experienced specialists and receive constructive feedback for their future projects and possibly open doors for collaborations or joint ventures. And, who knows one might get inspired or find their muse in someone else’s design from a totally different genre of design.

Cheryl Carroll – Events Director, New Designers; is thrilled to return in physical form after two years. And promises that this year’s exhibit will be more extravagant than ever before.

Designers like Ania Perkowska, Meseme Studio, Not Another Chair, Botanica textiles, Freya’s prints, Lily Jacobs Designs and many more will be showcasing their projects and new designs in this exhibit.

This year’s focus will be on sustainable and planet-centric designs inspired by nature, it will also portray identity of designers in some form or another as various family heritage links or students embarking on an emotional journey of discovery and reflection, LGBTQ+ community representation is also considered with high regards this year along with spreading awareness about mental health wellbeing.

‘Be the first to see the very best graduate designers’ is what New Designers promises with connection, discovery and dialogue opportunities.

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New Designers Exhibit

Venue: Business Design Centre, Islington, London N1 0QH
Week 1: 29th June – 2nd July 2022
Week 2: 6th July – 9th July 2022

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