Destiny: Two Designer’s Tales

By Bella Pallett

Did you know that internationally renowned designer, Christian Dior, used to sell his sketches for 10 cents apiece? Yes, stood outside his family home in Paris the very same man who revolutionised fashion with his designs once sold sketches of them for a fraction of what they would now be worth. Most kids sold lemonade, but Dior sold sketches that paved his way to the top of the fashion world.

Having had to work hard to get to the top, Dior demonstrates how everyone starts from somewhere in The House of Dior’s official biography. So keep reading if you want to learn more about how to pre-order and discover new facts about the iconic designer who is associated with revolutionising a generation.

Christian Dior had one goal during his ascension to the top of the fashion world; to uplift the melancholy post-war era with his joie de vivre, breath-taking designs and his colour palette that reflected the Parisian sky. He wanted simply to make women “not only more beautiful, but happier” by providing garments that could be accessories to their lives. Something that they could flaunt and feel not only confident in, but happy wearing.

Today, his legacy lives on through his fashion house, channelling his intuitive creativity to empower the woman of tomorrow through their creations. Christian Dior continues to be one of the world’s leading fashion brands, and now with the brand new, official biography; Christian Dior: Destiny, you can get the full insight into how Dior became revolutionary.

The House of Dior’s official biography reveals Christian Dior, a man who came from nothing but revolutionised the fashion world with his designs and innovation. Written by Marie-France Pochna, an expert on fashion and trends in the luxury market, this biography showcases Dior with a contemporary perspective on his legacy and new insight into his life and associations.

Created to uphold the same standard of any Dior design, the hardback book is glamourous to make sure you feel as though you are not only learning insights into Dior’s life but experiencing the luxury of a Dior product. Perfect for picking up when you need a surge of inspiration and perspective, why wouldn’t you feel inspired reading about someone who turned 10 cents into millions? So, if you want to feel glamourous and learn more about the staunchly private man, get your hands on a copy.

The hardback book titled Christian Dior: Destiny, contains 496 pages, ensuring there is plenty to read about the Parisian designer, including new insight into his spirituality and relationships. This authorized biography will be released on the 7th of September, so make sure to put a note in your diary or pre-order so you don’t miss out.

Or if insight into Dior doesn’t take your fancy, how about stepping into the realm of designer Karl Lagerfield?

Cover for Christian Dior: Destiny
Cover for Karl: No Regrets

In 1954 Karl Lagerfeld made his debut into the fashion world, stepping forward aged 21 to compete for the International Woolmark Prize; designing a coat that would change his life forever. The annual competition took place in Paris and served as a spotlight for young creatives, and so Lagerfeld saw an opportunity and seized it. Little did he know that none other than Pierre Balmain, who had judged the competition, would give him the offer of not only having his coat put into production but his very first job in fashion as his assistant, quickly associating him with top designers. Talk about winning the judges vote!

This prize propelled Lagerfeld into the world of fashion and luxury goods. Going on to largely contribute to the House of Chanel’s success by being constantly ahead of his time and believing that we should ‘embrace the present and invent the future’, it is hard to believe that it all began with a winning coat design.

In his intimately told biography, you get to immerse yourself in first-hand accounts and be introduced to a colourful cast of the people who were connected to Karl as they unveil the stories they share.  

Through the eyes of Patrick Hourcade, you are quickly made familiar with a friendship that lasted over 20 years, sparked by a shared interest in eighteenth-century art. By introducing Karl to the art of Enlightenment, the two built a luxurious universe together living exuberantly. As you are propelled into their world of luxury you will read about numerous locations such as the château de Grand-Champ in Brittany, l’hôtel Pozzo di Borgo in Paris or at La Vigie, a beautiful villa on the French Riviera. So if you want to immerse yourself in a world of pure opulence and escape the ordinary, this is the biography for you. 

As Patrick Hourcade recounts his time spent with Karl, he comments on their aesthetic complicity through previously unpublished documents, revealing him in all of his splendour as well as his weaknesses. This raw and intimate biography will immerse you in the world of luxury that Karl Lagerfeld lived, revealing all the good and the bad associations that came with it. 

The beautifully designed hardback book contains 224 pages and 100 illustrations that will have you in awe, it is guaranteed to engulf you in the world of luxury and reveal all through the eyes of Patrick Hourcade as he recounts untold stories and unveils the true world of Karl Lagerfeld.  

The only question is, why wouldn’t you want to read about Christian Dior’s rise to the top and the secrets of Karl Lagerfeld? And on top of that have two luxuriously designed books to admire on your coffee table, what are you waiting for?

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