Different Types Of Partitions You Can Use In Your Workplace Design

By Jo Phillips

When planning the layout and design of your new office space, you will likely need to find a suitable way to divide the space in it. Otherwise, you will be left with a large open space unsuitable for your business, which can be rather noisy, and office partitions can help you with this. Many options are available for office partitions, with various options to suit most budgets and aesthetics. You must look at all the options and decide which are best for your new workplace, which can help make it more comfortable and boost productivity. You can see some options below to help you get started and create the ideal working space for your business and its employees.

Drywall Partitions

One of the most cost-effective partition options you can select for your workplace is drywall partitions, which are quick and easy to install. An added benefit of these partitions is that you can add extra insulation in the partitions to make your workplace more energy efficient. Once the drywall partitions are installed, they are ready to decorate if you wish, and when you move out of your office space, they are just as easy to take down. Many offices throughout the UK use drywall partitions, and they are budget-friendly and an effective solution that you can choose for your workspace.

Demountable Partitions

Another popular option in UK workplaces is demountable partitions, which are cost-effective and flexible. You can claim these against your business’s capital allowance tax to make them a worthwhile investment for your company. Another advantage of this type of partition for your workplace is that you can take them down and relocate the partitions when the needs and design of your office change. You cannot do this with most other partition types, so they are a flexible option that can change and grow with your business as its needs change. These quality partition walls can be an excellent addition to your office design and give you flexibility when it needs to change without the added expense.

Frameless Glass Partitions

Natural light is a crucial factor to consider when designing an office space, and one way to maximise the natural light in your workplace is by using frameless glass partitions. As the partitions have no visible frame, they allow the maximum amount of sunlight into your office, which will help make it brighter and boost the productivity of your employees. If you require additional acoustic or thermal insulation for your workspace, you can also consider double-glazed frameless glass partitions. These partitions can help reduce noise levels and ensure your workplace remains at a comfortable temperature throughout the year, especially during the winter.

Switchable Glass Partitions

If your workspace is going to have executive offices or meeting rooms that will require privacy, switchable glass partitions are an excellent option to consider. They are more expensive than other types of partitions, but they can help you create a wonderful aesthetic and first impression when you have visitors. These partitions can be transparent, allowing you to see what is going on in the workspace, and when you need privacy, they can become opaque with the touch of a button. They are a high-end option that can be an excellent addition to your office, give you privacy when needed, and let in plenty of natural light.

Moveable Partition Walls

When you must create a flexible workspace as your business needs constantly change, moveable partition walls are an excellent option to consider. You can easily move these partitions around the office to where they are required, allowing you to separate areas and create defined spaces. They are also a cost-effective option that can be significantly cheaper than other ones, such as switchable glass partitions. They are available in various sizes and colours, so finding something suitable for your workspace should be simple. You can also store them easily against a wall when you are not using them, and they will not take up too much space.

Curved Glass Partitions

Another type of partition that can help you make a statement in your workplace and is suitable for executive offices, meeting rooms, and board rooms, is curved glass partitions. These partitions look fantastic when they are installed and can help enhance the aesthetics of your workplace. However, they can be more expensive than other options as making curved glass is a time-consuming and costly process, but they can also make an excellent first impression when you have visitors.

As office design continues to evolve, the diverse range of partition options available allows businesses to tailor their workspace to meet their team’s specific needs and foster a thriving work environment. Above are a few partition options you can choose from for your business, but other options are available. Look at all the different types of available partitions you can use in your workspace, which can help you create the ideal one for your business.

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