Digital: Graphic Lives

By Jo Phillips

With every medium transformed and saturated by the digital, the graphic novel still holds its own when it comes to story telling. Despite the advent of e-readers, the graphic biography has witnessed increasing popularity, depicting the lives of everyone from Johnny Cash to Steve Jobs. Next month sees the addition of two more heavyweights into this graphic hall of fame.

Image courtesy of SelfMadeHero
Publisher: SelfMadeHero. Paperback, Price: £12.99

Available 6th March 2014
For information on the Vincent’s release details, please visit SelfMadeHero

‘Vincent’, from SelfMadeHero, builds upon the success of the previous title in their Art Masters series, Rembrandt. The commercial and individual-oriented digital world provides the perfect context in which to reconsider Van Gogh’s troubled stay in Provence. With charming drawings by Barbara Stok including Starry Night and Sunflowers; what better way is there to remember the life of an artist than through lovingly drawn illustrations?

Image courtesy of Campfire.
Publisher: Campfire. Paperback, Price: £8.99
Available 4th March 2014

From Campfire comes ‘Gandhi: My Life is my Message’, a graphic novel detailing the life of Gandhi from his birth to his tragic assassination. Hoping to appeal to those who would perhaps not usually engage with the material, Sachin Nagar’s beautiful illustrations illuminate the fascinating story of this Indian lawyer turned great leader.

Considering how accessible information on anyone is in this digital age, these new releases help to remind us that rather than heading straight for Google, the graphic novel can make even the deepest, most complex stories accessible and enjoyable.

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