Digital: The Architectural Review

By Jo Phillips

30 under 30

.Cent’s architecture editor, Jon Astbury, also writes for The Architectural Review – the only global architecture magazine for the 21st century. Jon’s latest offering for the online platform is an interesting article entitled 30 Architects under 30. Let the incisive critiques and thinking inspire and provoke you. The article presents a wide spectrum of masterpieces in architecture by creatives below the age of 30, hence, questioning the age-old way of thinking that only the old and wise could produce work of a remarkable level. See how these talented individuals make a difference to living spaces in places from Africa to Asia to Australia to Canada to Europe. Whether it is a school in the desert in Zambia, an alpine cabin in Italy, a tin-shed in Sydney, a boathouse in Norway, a chapel in Chile, or a mobile home in Tasmania, these architects combine innovative ideas with practicality, changing the way we live and see architecture.

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