diptyque – El Sablier

By Jo Phillips

diptyque have intertwined time and the pleasure of smell in their latest creation.

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The ground-breaking French perfumer and maker of luxury candles, home fragrances and body care collections have updated their home fragrance diffuser.

The beautiful scent diffuser creates a pact with time. An idea that was created to encourage the appreciation of time, as opposed to the hustle and bustle and race against time we are all used to. The slow trickling of the scent through the glass vessel takes an hour to make its complete journey. It’s intention is to persuade us to savour the time we get taking in the delicately chosen perfumed scent.

“The hour is the secret of the sablier, which lets you take time away for an interlude in a land of thousand daydreams and sensations. An hour just for you.”

The vessel itself like an hourglass is long and adorned with a perforated gilded metal sheath. Servaire & Co are a global art direction agency specializing in product and packaging design and merchandising, dedicated to creative industries and more, and providing impactful and meaningful creative inputs. They formed a complimenting partnership with diptyque and were part of the creative process, focusing on detail as a fundamental pillar in their creation. The beautiful swirl designs were inspired by those of an incense burner and the diptyque brand signature oval shape. The details of the perforated band evoke the lightness of lace. Additionally, you have the choice in choosing the colour of glass you most prefer: green, yellow, orange or smokey black.

diptyque excel at creating scents that are ‘clean’ in approach.  We don’t mean they smell like freshly laundered clothes but each scent has a completeness and roundness.  When you engage with a diptyque product you are delivered a purity of sensation.  Many have tried to copy the huge success of the brand but they tend not to get anywhere near the heady heights of diptyque’s success.  Simply put, a great sensory experience like smell is only majestic when the perfumes used are of the highest quality and are also expertly blended.  What you don’t want is a ‘fog’ of fragrances that you are unable to distinguish, but a blend of scents that accentuate and support each other, and end with a magnificent bouquet.

Smell as we know,  is highly emotive; the combination of an hour for your leisure and their delicious smells filling the air with its aura – a bond and association is created. The scent is a reminder of a moment from the past, but revives a life asleep in the shade of the senses. It sends you to your own personal place of comfort. Who wouldn’t want something with the power to do that?

There are six exclusive smells available;

Fleur d’oranger (Orange blossom) is subtle and floral, it evokes the freshness of the Mediterranean and reawakens olfactory memories of childhood.

Gingembre (Ginger) the original purity of freshly cut ginger, spicy and intoxicating.

Figuier (Fig tree) lets you close your eyes and experience every part of the tree: the warmth of its bark, the freshness of its leaves, and the milky sap of its fruit.

34 boulevard Saint-Germain releases the sent of crumpled leaves, exotic wood and spices. The scent of the flagship shop is also a signature fragrance.

Roses the fragrance resembling freshly plucked Roses from the garden, brimming with natural fragrance.

Baise ( Berries) irresistible freshness of a bouquet of roses with notes of black current leaves and berries.

The advantage of the hourglass design is it slow cold-diffusion process which preserves the fragrances authentic nature, allowing you to savour the scent. To experience diptyques newest luxury for yourself, get it here.

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