Discover Yourself

By Weronika Kusmider

What do you see when you look at the sea? Is it never-ending water or maybe some land in the distance? We know that there is something behind the horizon line, however, at a certain point, no one knew what it was that was out there. Until ships, compasses and maps were made, man did not know what is on the planet Earth. Travelling allowed us to discover new lands and cultures. Additionally, it allowed us to learn about Mother Nature and its gifts to societies. In Discover Yourself we will go over how we use the natural resources from our Planet in everyday use products.

For centuries we used nature to tell time, distance, directions. Fast forward thousands of years and now we have simple technologies such as watches, compasses, rulers to do all those for us. We have reinvented what the planet Earth gave us to help us discover new technologies or lands as well as help us travel.

Throughout the 1800 and 1900s, plenty of new continents were discovered – from America to Australia, through India to Africa. In 1770 Captain James Cook arrived on the southeastern coast of Australia and was the captain of the first European expedition to these regions. And just like that, we learnt from Captain Cook to use what the Earth gave us to direct us through the journey that our lives are.

Everyone’s journey through life is different, but each day we can learn something new or discover something about ourselves. Additionally, we have learnt so much by just exploring our surroundings. We have learnt how to use natural resources to nurture nature and for example, create stronger products. As a suggestion, let us look at ceramics. A ceramic is a material made by shaping and then firing a nonmetallic mineral, such as clay, at a high temperature. Most of us know this as a material used to create plates or vases, but did you know that nowadays ceramics are used to make watches?  

Rado is a globally recognized brand, renowned for innovative design and its use of revolutionary materials to create some of the world’s most beautiful and durable watches. Ever since its beginnings in Lengnau, Switzerland, Rado has been a pioneer, with the brand philosophy “if we can imagine it, we can make it” still holding true today.

2021 for Rado is a year of reinvention. That is why their newest development combines the iconic Captain Cook watch with material coming from nature, high-tech ceramic. The watch represents the fact that we should be the aviators, soldiers and navigators of our lives. We might not see this, but it is what we all do every day. We all grow day after day, try new things and no matter how big or small, these actions move us forward.

The new Captain Cook watch design is, for the first time, presented in a 43mm case size, and in four versions:

Black high-tech ceramic case and bracelet with hardened stainless steel turning bezel and black high-tech ceramic insert;

Black high-tech ceramic case with a rubber strap;

Black high-tech ceramic case and bracelet with rose gold-coloured PVD coated stainless steel turning bezel and black high-tech ceramic insert;

Plasma high-tech ceramic case and bracelet with hardened stainless steel bezel, and blue high-tech ceramic insert.

This iconic and vintage design now have up-to-date features that make the watch perfect for men and women. This automatic timepiece contains a mix of materials including high-tech ceramic and sapphire crystal, which is a style statement waiting to be discovered. These two materials were chosen to stand the time challenge but also survive any adventure.

So whether it is discovering something new every day, like a new way to nurture yourself or the Planet, travelling to a different country or getting through one more day in your life, remember to be like Captain Cook and just keep on sailing, and eventually, you will find your destination.

Check out the newest Captain Cook collection from Rado here.

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