Discovering The Scent of Giving; Simple, Green, Gorgeous, and Alive.

By Jo Phillips

Many of us now feel that by the very act of purchasing something we love, we can also give back. Then, it doesn’t just feel like an added bonus but gives more of a reason to acquire something from a brand that does have a charitable element. It works on our behalf and that way we get a double whammy. Read more here in Discovering The Scent of Giving; Simple, Green, Gorgeous and Alive.

Roads, the Irish perfume brand from Danielle Ryan, came to life in 2013. Its roots may well be in Dublin but the scents take their ‘notes’ from all over the globe.

“The perfumes are based on the interesting concepts I find around me but ultimately the scent will connect to the wearer for their own reasons” 

Danielle Ryan

Her initial concept came when working in theatre production. Toying with using scent on stage to create atmospheres for a play, she began to see the potential of perfumes as personal atmospheres based on outside inspirations; like an emotive coat worn to favourite locations. People, places, cultural movements, books, films, technology, nature, power, or even emotions all were part of her paint box.

Danielle Ryan was born to an Irish father and a Sri Lankan-German mother and grew up between Ireland, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, and London, giving a global take on not just life directly around her but a more global perspective.

But a little closer to home in Co Clare, Ireland is the base of the wildlife charity Hometree. Their aim is to plant large woodlands of native trees including Birch, Oak, Scots Pine, Williow, and Alder to ultimately make forests that are protected and managed and will never be sold or felled.

These natural native woodlands also support natural ecosystems by providing habitat and food for birds, mammals, and insects. On top of that, on average, one acre of new forest can sequester about 2.5 tons of carbon annually.

Roads has partnered with the charity and offers to plant one native tree for each bottled elixir sold. There are perfumes from the range that may capture some of the greenness or woodiness of a forest. Pefuem yourself as an ode to the forest you help grow.

Bitter End, for example, is an Aromatic Green fragrance launched in 2014. Opening green and fresh with Grass, Mint, and Fern, which meet in the middle with Fig Leaf, Thyme, and Olive all of which rest in a base of Violet, Oakmoss, and Vetiver.

Then there is End Game, a woody Aromatic fragrance launched in 2017. Opening with herby earthy muskiness of Clary Sage with bright Bergamot that melds with woods in the heart of White Woods and Cashmere Woods. All crescendoes in grassy earthy Vetiver and warming Musk.

These three scents are from their core range but they also added The Africa Collection with three scents, The Asia Collection with 4 scents, and one perfume in the Past / Presence collection. A Citrus Aromatic fragrance launched in 2015. Opening at the top with bright Bergamot that meets middle notes of delicious Black Tea and Jasmine; all fishing off with creamy Tonka Bean.

Now maybe you are a more fun-loving party type so less natural locations are more your thing, what about the bright and unapologetically modern scent, Neon that celebrates being young, laughing, and living life to the fullest? Bright and fruity at the top with  Bergamot, Peach, and Osmanthus which then goes towards flowers via Geranium, Jasmine Absolute, and Lily of the Valley with a base of earthy warmth via Patchouli, Vanilla, and Amber Accord.

Choose a fragrance that resonates with how you feel, for the message it conveys, the emotions it sets off in you, the reminder it brings, or even the new journey it takes you on. But know, when buying a Roads perfume you are not just doing something lovely for yourself but something lovely for our planet.

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