Dive into the space of Cosmic world with ARK/8

By Janhavi Khandelwal

In the cosmic jamboree of existence, where imagination throws confetti at reality, ARK/8 pirouetted into being in 2019, fueled by a passion for everything rad in the entertainment universe as a dynamic cocktail of gaming, music, sci-fi, and pop culture, all stirred up into a frothy blend that’s uniquely ARK/8. It is a wild celebration of the extraordinary, where clothing becomes a dance partner to your inner creativity. Read more in Dive into the space of Cosmic world with ARK/8.

Now, fasten your seatbelts because ARK/8 is launching their new collection with graphics inspired by the gaming worlds of OVERWATCH 2 and DEAD ISLAND 2, and it’s about to be an intergalactic rollercoaster! for you to wear the boundless potential within you, flaunting the limitless power of your imagination like a superhero cape, deeply rooted in the personal journey of ARK/8’s creator Dimitri van Eetvelde.

Brace yourselves for a ride on the intergalactic Fashion Express. This isn’t your grandma’s wardrobe update; this is a time-travelling spaceship landing in your closet. Imagine sweaters that feel like a hug from your favorite gaming character, printed bombers that scream victory over digital dragons, and hoodies that are like a cosy portal to a parallel universe.

But what makes ARK/8 truly special isn’t just the clothes; it’s the ethos. It’s an invitation to join a whimsical adventure where fashion isn’t about conforming; it’s about having a blast while looking fabulous. To wear your world, to narrate your story in the language of colors, patterns, and funky designs. A cosmic playground where your style fantasies come to life.

The Overwatch collection, a global fashion fiesta, spotlights D.Va from Busan and Genji from Hanamura. ‘From Busan To Hanamura’ boasts bold colors, patchwork sleeves, and exclusive Genji prints. The ‘Koyorin’ capsule brings the streets of Harajuku to life with oversized hoodies featuring anime artwork by Koyorin, weaving a futuristic cosmic world.

Shifting gears to Dead Island 2‘s ‘Hell-A’ drop, ARK/8 captures LA’s vibe with urban designs and classic college style. Burnt gold skull prints and signature engraved zips make the Skull Sweatshirt a standout, while the Dani Long Sleeve T-shirt flaunts Dani’s ink, a devilish touch in the grand masquerade.

As the fashion ballad plays on, Dimitri van Eetvelde, the master storyteller, unveils a teaser for what’s to come – ARK/8’s first standalone collection, “After Dark,” a moonlit dance in collaboration with visionary Liam Wong. It’s a tale of romance and mystery set to unfold in early 2024, promising a rendezvous with the unknown.

The finale is not an end but an invitation – an invitation to traverse the enchanted landscapes of fashion, where each piece is a portal to romance, whimsy, and boundless imagination. So, dear Dreamweaver, let the threads of ARK/8 be your compass in this cosmic journey. Let’s redefine fashion as a quirky adventure, where every outfit is a chapter in the book of your style evolution.

From Busan To Hanamura, ‘Koyorin’ and Hell-A collections are available here ARK/8.

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