Doodling is Precious

By Rebecca McNelly-Tilford

How many of us doodle whilst we think, or when we are on the phone or even in a meeting? Did it ever cross your mind that your doodlings could be precious? Well, not all of ours will turn out to be works of art but sometimes they are more precious than you think.

For the Alexander McQueen team, this is exactly what they looked at for the SS20 jewellery collection, the idea of ‘doodling, weaving freely and spontaneously’ – absent-mindedly scribbling to create one of a kind shapes -but of course taking it a whole load further. Craftsmanship and historical references are always at the heart of a McQueen collection. The collection explores doodles via weaving wires of antique gold and silver, which all have been handmade into unique chokers and bracelets.

Other elements of the jewellery collection feature a family of pendants. These include drop earrings in an asymmetric red garnet, earrings are woven doodle-like metal hoops, a charm bracelet set that features an oversized droplet of red glass stone. Garnet stone poses similar physical properties of crystal forms, which contrasts beautifully against the tones of antique gold and silver.

Other doodling-like woven pieces that can be seen are triple bangles, choker, a ring crafted in antique gold with a pearlescent stone.

The brand says:- ‘The Spring Summer 2020 jewellery collection is inspired by the notion of taking time to make things together’

Another inspiration for the SS20 collection was the Victorian tradition of wax sealing letters. A seal was the device for making an impression in wax on paper. The original purpose of a wax seal was of course, to authenticate a document.

This inspiration can be seen translated into the collection via a flower shape moftif – resembling of the Tudor Rose, as well as McQueen creating their own unqiue seal for this collection.

The brand says:-‘The Rose Seal family was inspired by the Victorian wheel seal used to seal letters with wax, each seal has a special significance to the sender or recipient’

Alexander McQueen is a brand of craftsmanship. Every detail has a thought behind it and this translates across the whole Spring Summer 2020 collection.

Like any good creative knows, bringing diverse ideas together really heralds new ideas and fresh thinking. This collection run with the idea of ‘making things together’ uses s particular focus on exploring the inspiration and development process of taking two separate elements and combining them with craftsmanship to create truly unique pieces.

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