Drawing Fashion

By Jo Phillips

At the close of London Fashion Week, Quentin Blake Centre for Illustration hosts a panel of leading fashion illustrators and creative directors for a deep dive into fashion illustration now. 

Image Connie Lim
Illustrators working for clients from Christian Dior to Adidas will talk London Fashion Week runway highlights, influential indy publishing and street style. They will discuss how drawing is making an impact on the industry and where fashion illustration is going. Speakers will include award-winning illustrators Bil Donovan, Montana Forbes, Joanna Layla, Connie Lim and Stina Persson.

Image Bil Donovan

Online Event from Quentin Blake Centre for Illustration
Industry Insight: Fashion Illustration
20 September 2022

18:00 – 20:00, 20 September
Tickets: £25/20 via Quentin Blake centre for Illustration Here

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