Dreaming is Real

By Jo Phillips

Zel, a lonely young man’s life changes when his enigmatic neighbour offers to help him overcome his social anxiety. Originally created in 2018 the film is available on many tv packages. Find out more in Dreaming is Real

The film tells the story of an introverted young man named Zel who gets the opportunity to drastically change his life when his enigmatic neighbour Elliot introduces him to the concept of Lucid dreaming. 

Wanting to be able to engage with his attractive neighbour Jasmine, yet he lacks the confidence to introduce himself. Everything changes upon the intervention of the mystical figure Elliot.

While this so-called lucid dreaming helps him change and become more confident, it leads him on a dark adventure and many questions remain. 

Interestingly the Writer/Director Adam Morse started losing his sight ten years ago due to a rare mitochondrial disease that has left him with partial peripheral sight. Adam used screen reader and magnification software to write his screenplay before going out to pitch his first feature film project whilst keeping his condition a secret from others in the industry. Morse eventually went on to be backed by Executive Producer Ben White and joined forces with Producer’s Adam Rose and Julia Varvara to realize his vision. Adam used a 60-inch director’s monitor on set to follow the action, frame the shots, and direct the actors. Adam publicly revealed that he is legally blind one week before the film made its festival premiere in Edinburgh and he is now championing diversity by blazing a trail for differently-abled artists around the world.

Keep an eye out for him as he is also now working as an actor and is set to appear in the British sci-fi/comedy The Bystanders (2020 starring Lucy Pinder and Seann Walsh) and is currently starring opposite Gary Beadle in the short film Suppression that is being directed by his close collaborator Julia Varvara.

He is also developing multiple Film/TV projects with his production company and is currently attached to direct the thriller Hypnosis (2021). As well as keeping busy as an actor and filmmaker, Adam has been recording music for his debut album which is expected to come out December 2020. Lucid will be released in the UK on September 7, 2020.

After premiering at the 72nd Edinburgh International Film Festival where it was nominated for the prestigious Michael Powell Award in the Best of British category, Lucid went on to win Best Picture along with Best Actor for Billy Zane and best director for Adam Morse at the 2019 Gold Movie Awards in London. 

Production company Hollyfield Productions
The film will be released here on 7th via Sky,Virgin, iTUNES, Amazon, Xbox,PlayStation  &Microsoft

The film also stars Cristian Solimeno actor and film director so read about his latest film I made this for you here.

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