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By Jo Phillips

Designing the Perfect Luxury Dressing Table

Your bedroom is the place where you tend to enjoy pampering yourself; it is your private space to get ready with all your beauty essentials on hand. This makes a dressing table an essential accessory to have, even if it means making a little space for it. As your bedroom is the room where you can really let your creativity flow freely, designing the perfect dressing table to fit in with all the other elements of your room will be so easy and fun to do when following a few straightforward steps. So, we have put together the best ways you can style luxury home accessories in your bedroom.

Colour Coordinate

Firstly, know what colour scheme you would like your dressing table to match so that it will suit the style of your room. Matching it with all the other colours and patterns in your bedroom will bring everything together nicely. If your room is quite colourful with patterns and feature walls, you could try going for neutral, classic shades like black or white. On the other hand, if you want your dressing table to be an eye-catching feature piece, there are many ways to design a bold and bright dresser. This is made exceptionally easy on sites like objetluxe.com – Objet Luxe is a luxury home accessories brand where you can custom make home accessories exactly how you want them.

Choose an Exquisite Material

Choosing the ideal material is a big factor to consider when putting together your dressing table as it will create a stunning luxury appearance in your bedroom that you desire. An element of glamour will instantly be added to your room with a luxuriously created dressing table. There are numerous materials you could choose from, such as classic carved wood or a stylish marble.

Pick a Style

Whether it is a modern design, shabby chic, or an elegant and vintage finish, pick a style that suits your personality and all the characteristics that are displayed in your room. The dressing table is the space where you can indulge in all your beauty needs, so ensure that there is ample storage for products with the use of drawers or a table that is large enough to store items that you use daily on top, making it easy to organise your makeup.


Decide what kind of chair is best suited for you. You could put it together as a set, or mix or match according to your preferences. The most important factor to find is comfort, as you will be seated at the dressing table regularly. Pairing comfort and style together is simple by choosing a chair or a stool that is cushioned. Cushioned seating also adds a luxurious, feminine touch to your table.

Select a Mirror

An elegant mirror that fits on the table flawlessly is the perfect finishing touch. If the mirror will mainly be used for makeup application, smaller sizes are a classic choice, providing more space for your products.

When designing the perfect dressing table, take the lighting of your bedroom and where you will place it into consideration too. Although natural lighting is best for doing your hair and makeup, if you don’t get enough natural lighting where you need it, try adding a useful accessory like a lamp to the table.

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