Drips the Wax

By Jo Phillips

Blinded by the light yet at the same time mystified by it. The hot silky candle melts and drips down in a smooth run, you want to touch but it’s too hot. Find out more in Drips the Wax here.

That raffia-covered wine bottle with a slightly ugly red-covered candle that drips, drips, drips down, pooling as lava building into rocks of melted molten wax, caught in a cooled state. Or maybe the Friday night candles, always lit in your home, a tradition, one maybe you are not sure why you do it but its what happens in the family home, weekly.

And then there is that lit flame on top of the pillar of wax, the mesmerising drip of wax, the light that circles at the top of the flame that flickers giving off a soft powdery circle; dreamy, cocooning like a fine veil.

Finally, if you are lucky whilst the candle glows and cocoons it shares its delicate scent, filling the home, the setting arena with flora, spices or woods.

Starting with that additive mesmerising melting wax, so tempted to touch yet the fear of burning holds you back. What if your candle was contained in a glass so there was no dripping, but hey your want that texture. Meet the white melted wax candle holder When Wax Becomes Porcelain by Cécile Bichon with Diptyque, in a white hue of purest porcelain.

Produced by fine porcelain French manufacturer Bernardaud this artist’s edition is the fruit of a time-consuming process of modelling and double-firing. The small rivers of wax permeate.

Sit next to it the twisted glass of the long match container, because what is a candle without light? Coming in two sizes and designed by Sam Baron, this most ideal of companions to the candle. Its ribbed glass and the elegantly classic cork stopper offer up a surface to enflame both wicker and wax. Mouth-blown in Italy in ultra-resistant borosilicate, the container’s oval shape embodies one of La Maison’s signature emblems.

Maybe for you, it’s not the light, the scent or the wax but it’s about putting it all on a pedestal. Showing off her full glory, let her splendour stand tall.

A wooden pillar candle holder that stands tall and elegant fits the purpose. Designed by Sam Baron, each object is unique with its silky surface finished with a beeswax patina. Its oval silhouette also echos the Diptyque most loved label. Position her singularly or with her sister pillars, Column and Baluster.

Lastly, there is Wax Repurposed. Designed by Samuel Accoceberry, this most original piece plays with different epochs, drawing inspiration from ancient art forms. Made of white wax that naturally dons an authentic patina over time, the shape of this piece is enhanced again and again with the Diptyque oval. Hand-crafted in Portugal it is designed to contain water and of course fragrant flora and fauna in keeping with the scents of the brand.

Know there are other beautiful objects in the homewares collection from glasses to trays, vases to pitchers, and these objects, part of the homewares from Maison Diptyque, bought together five creators to draw deep into their imaginations to create “simple objects”: candle holders, pitchers, drinking glasses, an antique vase, match holders, trays…

Designer Sam Baron leads La Maison’s panel of artists, which also included Samuel Accoceberry, Cécile Bichon, Nicolas Mareau and Gianpaolo Pagni.

Does the majestic candle not deserve proper presentation? To stand proudly like an idol for all to enjoy? Well Diptyque, the absolute royal family of the candle world have created more in their home collection with a set of products that all pay tribute to the flame. A myriad of accessories and candle holders are created to make every day sublime.

Find all the Maison collections here at Diptyque.com

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