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By Jo Phillips

Sub-Ohm E-Liquid: What Is It And How Do You Use It?When you are new to vaping, you may not have a clear overview of the different flavours that will help produce those big clouds of vapour. But there is robust information about vaping and different products to use. Get started by learning what e-liquid or related products are.

Vaping is all about using a vape pen or an electronic cigarette whereby you only inhale or exhale water vapour. E-liquid is the primarily used flavour product by many vapers. It comes with a wide variety of flavourings and nicotine strengths.

While pursuing your vaping endeavours, you may have come across or using sub ohm liquid. Sub-ohm vaping involves using one-of-a-kind liquid to produce large clouds of vapour. Significantly, you should have honed your vaping skills to get the most from the sub-ohm e-liquid. The technique includes embracing different styles of inhaling.

Many vapers opt for sub-ohm vaping not just because it creates fantastic memories. There are incredible benefits that will spur your vaping passion. Have a look:

  • Better e-liquid flavours provide the amazing sensation of smoking, but it’s wise to use a lower nicotine ratio or strength.
  •  Helps achieve a big vapour cloud thanks to the high power of the coils that the e-cigarette offers.
  • Smoother vape thanks to the high content of VG used in sub-ohm e-liquid.
  • Inhale warm vapour as the e-liquid heats up hotter and faster, giving you an amazing smoking feeling.

Everything to Know about Sub-Ohm E-Liquid

When it comes to sub-ohming, you will need an electronic cigarette with a coil that has a resistance level below one ohm. The standout feature that makes sub-ohm vaping amazing and a great experience is the use of sub-ohm liquid. The best e-juice you use should produce a massive amount of vapours.

The vaper inhales the vapour directly into the lungs and enjoys a smoking sensation. What makes sub-ohm e-liquid stand out is usually the higher VG to PG ratio. Unfortunately, a 50:50 ratio of these vape juices will not work for sub-ohm vaping.

Your sub ohm liquid must have at least 70% of Vegetable Glycerine. VG e-juice is much thicker and made of low resistance vape coils. Hence the user can make huge plumes of vapour. However, the e-liquid will carry some PG to add flavour.

The best e-liquid for sub-ohm vaping is one with low nicotine strength and a high VG content. Nicotine delivery is not the primary goal of many vapers, but high vapour production. The e-cigarette you use should have the best resistance coils to allow enough vapours to pass through.

E-liquids used in most sub-ohm devices are made with a lower nicotine percentage. Hence, users can enjoy every moment while vaping. On the other hand, when using sub-ohm e-liquids, it’s wise to cut down on nicotine as it can be too harsh to your throat.

It shouldn’t be that daunting to use sub-ohm e-liquid. Users need to practice how to sub-ohm and master the art of vaping. Most people direct lung inhaling as there is a lot of vapour being produced and quickly.

Choosing the Right E-Liquid- What to Know

With a clear idea of how sub-ohming works, you may be wondering what e-liquid to use. Make sure you choose from a reputable brand like Aquavape who do serve customers online. There is a wide range of different e-liquids, but you should settle for the best on the market. The good news is that many e-liquid companies create different blends to meet the high demands of their clients.

At all times, it’s advisable to go for an e-liquid with unique ingredients for maximum flavours and increase vapour production. Below are a few tips to help you choose the best e-liquid for sub-ohm vaping. Have a look:

  1. Check the flavours– It makes sense to make the flavours of your e-liquid the number one priority. E-juices come with a wide variety of flavours, and you should choose one that you like and suits your tastes.
  2. Nicotine concentration– Vaping is the best way to quit smoking as you get a chance to watch out for nicotine concentration. Vapers should buy e-liquids with desirable concentrations and control their nicotine consumption.
  3. The PG and VG ratio– Depending on the type of vaping you are into, consider the PG and VG ratio. If you are into sub-ohm vaping, the VG percentage in your e-liquid should be higher than PG levels.
  4. Mix and test your juices– Best flavours are created when you blend different flavours and test them. Experiment with the different vape liquids and find a mixture that satisfies your needs.
  5. Safety of your vaping device– Go for e-liquids that won’t damage your vaping device.

To Sum Up

Vaping is the in-thing these days, and you shouldn’t have any misgiving indulging in such adventures. With the proper vaping devices and techniques, you will enjoy unparalleled experiences. Most importantly, invest in high-quality e-liquids.

If you are into sub-ohm vaping, you have many choices, and there is a lot to enjoy. However, go for the best e-juices that will guarantee massive vapour production and a unique vaping experience. Do your research, ask around, choose sub-ohm liquid that meets your needs, and provide value for money.

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