Earth Knickers

By Pushkala Pillutla

Maybe until now, you only thought of your knickers to be sexy and seductive but who knew they could have a superhero element in them that could help save our planet? Our world is precious and we are all making efforts to go ‘greener’ so why not have a greener pair of knickers? Find out more in our piece Earth Knickers here

Stripe and Stare is a women’s intimate underwear brand focusing on how to have greener lingerie. Having an amazing range of vests, knickers, night slips, etc., in baby pink, baby blue, cream and black colors. After six years of extensive research and touring around the world for materials, Stripe and Stare were born in the year 2017. Bringing in the idea, why do sustainable knickers have to be boring? Lingerie, a category, is difficult for many different green issues and where obtaining 100% sustainability was nearly impossible.

Mainly because of elastane, this product with underwear gives us stretch, support and optimum comfort, but Strip and Stare have broken this stereotype.

Replacing the dangerous chemicals in the elastic is a big step forward. The brand work with a product called Tencel –Cellulose and Roica V550 instead of traditional fabric and spandex respectively.


Tencel–Cellulose made from dissolving wood pulp in a seacell solution which is dried using a special drying process called spinning. there fibers are used to make the fabric. Tencel is one of the fastest-growing techniques as it uses less energy and water compared to traditional fabric.

Roica V550

Roica V550 is a technology developed in Japan which makes fabric stretchable without the use of elastane making it 100% biodegradable.

And here is a bonus with every new order you place, they add a tree to mother nature for you. Stripe and Stare is a proud partner of Ecologi and has already planted over 20,000 trees. So, every new order means that a tiny little baby of mangrove tree is added in Madagascar. You never knew your knickers could be so important.

Pictures edited by Anna Martin

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