Easy Travel

By Jo Phillips

When we think of the seaside what appears in our mind’s eye? Could it be roaring waves of cold salty darkest blue-green waters crashing against light grey sands dotted with paleontologist stones like chocolate chips in a vanilla muffin? Spray foaming at the mouth as it bounces off craggy rocks torn and twisted by the repeated beating of this gargantuan wild water. The air stinging cold salt, fresh blowing green moss scattered fusion with elements of sulphur fused together in an accord of the magnificence of Neptune himself? Or is it more a lullaby of gentle soft white with golden flecks bouncing brightest sunshine set as a layer of coloured stripes creamy then turquoise into brilliant sky blue. The gem coloured water gently ripples its way towards kissing the golden banks. The soft aroma of gentle salt wavers between hot sun and powdery sand. Nature here kisses your soul rather than wholeheartedly takes hold in a grasping embrace. Here she kisses you so softly you are lulled. We cant travel right now in the flesh but we can travel through our sense of smell. Find out more in Easy Travel.

Two very different ways to explore the sea’s edge, two very different ways to smell the sea. Here we explore the turquoise version via a Sicilian beach and a successful perfume range the Versace Dylan collection. 

You know when a family of scents is successful the brand will add a new member to the sisters and brothers so let’s meet their newest sibling Dylan Turquoise…

Firstly The Versace Fragrance Collection Dylan Blue started out as Versace Pour Homme Dylan Blue. An Aromatic Fougere fragrance for men launched in 2016. The perfumer behind this fragrance was the mightly nose of perfumer Alberto Morillas. Top notes are Calabrian Bergamot, Grapefruit, Water Notes, and Fig Leaf; middle notes are Ambroxan, Patchouli, Black Pepper, Violet Leaf, and Papyrus; base notes are Incense, Musk, Tonka Bean, and Saffron.

This was followed a year later with Versace Pour Femme Dylan Blue a Floral Fruity fragrance for women. The nose behind this fragrance was Calice Becker. Top notes are Granny Smith apple, Blackcurrant, Clover, Forget-me-not, and Shiso; middle notes are Peach, Rose Hip, Petalia, Rose, and Jasmine; base notes are Musk, White Woods, Styrax with Patchouli.

Now comes a Floral Woody Musk by Perfumer Sophie Labbé.

“Escaping towards faraway islands where the blue sky meets crystal waters. The sea breeze caresses the skin waking up the senses and regenerating the soul. A fragrance reminding us of warm sun and summer days, Dylan Turquoise is an ode to the sensuality of the Versace woman”, Donatella Versace

The brightest sunshine opens the scent with Italian best-known citrus the primofiore lemon, which gives a fresh burst with a green note. The lemon sits with mandarin from Sicily, combining odour molecules from the peel and flesh of the fruit to offer a multi-faceted note. Pink Peppercorn adds another burst utilising the elements of the fruity facet of this spice.

The heart brings a real sense of tropical sunshine where you will find notes from the freshness of the guava juice complemented by the most royal of flowers via jasmine petals enhanced with freesia. A fresh green floral combination that falls finally into modern woods. Clearwood® a soft woody transparent, patchouli without dirty noise, earthy hue sets the base alongside woods and white musk.

Clearwood® is a molecule by scent and flavour makers Firmenich. It is interestingly made from sugarcane, this original molecule is the first to be created using biotechnology and is an exclusive natural ingredient that is the fruit of extensive research.

The information of the Clearwood® in the perfume is a very important step, and as a whole, the scent has been created with sustainable practices in place. Like many good perfumes, it is a mix of both natural and synthetic ingredients. But what is new here is the brand is openly talking about traceability and responsibility.

The perfume industry has been slow on its response to being open to its processes and it’s important here that the brand is finally opening up. Sharing about the traceability of the ingredients list and well as using sustainable products is important. Many brands do not talk about the ingredients because of worries of copies but now as scents as far more easily duplicated there is no reason not to share more information about ingredients. Some of the niche brands have been more open but it is still not widespread industry practice.

Safety is an important element of sustainability. The brands are rigorous in testing for anything that may be seen to be an irritant. This means very high testing standards so nobody has an allergic reaction to any part of a fragrance. This lays the foundation for truly knowing not just, what is within the juice, but where it comes from. But most importantly in the whole of the process is the use of synthetic materials. Many of these can be harmful to the envoirnment so creating naturally derived elements is so importnat in the future of this most magnanmous industry.

By enabling the use of green chemistry and benefiting from the latest research in biotechnology means the highest standards in terms of environmental and social sustainability, Dylan Turquoise is made up of over 85% of raw ingredients used that are biodegradable.

So here we see the finest quality content, for example, the lemons are picked in the very early days of the season, (to obtain the best possible results) with the parts of the juice obtained from traceable and sustainable supply chains throughout the world. A really important step that sets the bar for other brands to follow suit.

Launching 27 January 2021 exclusively at Boots, followed by a nationwide rollout  on 1st April to all additional stockists. Illustration Keny Kakadia

If you enjoyed reading Easy Travel, are still in the holiday mood why not try and nice easy film to watch whilst wrapped up in a warm blanket.

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