Electric Benefits

By Jo Phillips

Is an Electric Car Worth it? The Benefits of Driving Electric? You will notice that there are a lot more electric cars on the roads these days with many motorists making the switch in the last few years. So, is an electric car worth it? There are many benefits to making the switch that will be outlined in this post. The cost of buying an electric car can be off-putting, so motorists could look to lease an electric car first to see if it is right for them. Keep reading to discover the main benefits. Image by Mikes-Photography from Pixabay.

Lower Running Costs

One of the main reasons that so many motorists are switching right now is the lower running costs. These vehicles do not require petrol and diesel, which can help motorists to make huge savings each month. This is particularly true in 2022 with the average price for petrol hovering around £2 per litre and showing no sign of coming back down anytime soon.

Zero Emissions

Electric vehicles also produce zero emissions, which is another reason why many are switching now. Climate change is a major topic in the news right now and many people have decided that now is the time for action with switching to an electric car being one of the best ways to reduce your impact. Not only this, but zero emissions also mean that you do not have to pay any road tax when you own an electric car.

Lower Maintenance

You will also find that there is less maintenance with an electric car. There are fewer moving parts compared to petrol and diesel-powered vehicles, which means that there is less maintenance for you do to and these cars are less likely to break down. This can save you time, money and energy while also giving you peace of mind.


You will also find that the performance of electric cars has improved significantly in recent times. All manufacturers have turned their attention to the electric car market, which means that these vehicles now have a higher performance level. This includes a greatly improved battery life, which makes range anxiety less of an issue for motorists.

Better for the Planet

As touched on before, electric cars are a great way for people to reduce their environmental impact. Instead of using fossil fuels, these cars run on electricity and this is much better for the planet. It is clear that now is the time for action and everyone needs to do their part, so switching to electric in 2022 is a smart move to make.

These are the main reasons to switch to an electric car and it is easy to see why so many people are doing this right now. In addition to the financial benefits, you should also find that switching can improve your life in a few ways while also helping to reduce environmental impact.

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