Embracing Renewal: Old is the New New.

By Camilla Iannucci

In a world ruled by consumerism, it’s easy to get stuck in a spiral of always wanting more. It is never easy to look for potential in something unwanted. It’s human to desire fresh new things forgetting about the heaven held at the bottom of people’s drawers. But sometimes, is the art of giving second chances to reignite that lost love affair between a person and an object. That’s what lies behind the concept of “charity shopping”. A practice that allows old things to be re-born in the hands of someone who appreciates them as much as the original owner used to. And what a wonderful way to do so, by simultaneously supporting a good cause. For that reason, for the fourth year running, Pop-Up Crisis opened its doors once more. Revealing a treasure of unique pieces, raising vital funds for Crisis, the national charity for people experiencing homelessness across Great Britain.
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As these objects aren’t just things but vessels of memories, waiting to be woven into new narratives. The event has a nostalgic aura, attracting people by finding a compromise between fair consumerism and activism. It’s a celebration of giving the overlooked a second chance at love and appreciation. Which is rare, in a society that often glorifies the shiny and new.

The goal is for customers to enjoy themselves for as long as they want. That’s why the event also offers a calendar of Christmas events including ‘Shop their wardrobe’, an exclusive vignette of hand-picked items personally donated from celebrity friends of Crisis and wreath-making workshops with social enterprise offering second chances through horticultural training to women based in UK prisons. Plus, a late night shopping evening with drinks and music by DJ Jonjo Jury.
Through playful workshops and carefully picked items, the pop-up warms up people’s hearts the same way a mulled wine on a cold winter day does.

Moreover, this journey is not only about the items themselves but about the impact on the world we inhabit. The event promotes an alternative way to the regular fast-fashion shopping experience. It, then, reminds people they can do good without necessarily having to struggle.
Going hand in hand we the idea of community and family, creating a space dedicated for people to help each other remembering we are all human in the same way.
It also engraves, in people’s Brains, the notion according to which beauty transcends age. As long as in the right hands, we truly can experience things in thousands of different ways.

The pop-up will be hosted from December 4th – 14th, at the decommissioned West End Central police station at 27 Savile Row.

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