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By Jo Phillips


Lighting is an essential element of a room that impacts how everything else looks. The choice of light you pick can either make or break a room’s design. Gone are the days when lighting only came as an afterthought when designing a home. Nowadays, the right kind of lighting has a way of setting the mood of a space to create the perfect aura. For a living room, light enlivens the basics of things while inspiring positivity and productivity. If you are ready to take your lighting to the next level, below are some genius lighting ideas that are sure to make your space elegant and brighter;

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Modern lighting can help create a striking focal point to a living room. Whether you opt for a romantic chandelier or a simple modern pendant, a sculpture lighting fixture can elegantly complete a room. This will illuminate a particular area hence creating a focal point. If you are blessed with high ceilings, you can go with a dramatic Italian designer lighting for your living room to create that “WOW” factor. 


When planning the lighting scheme of the living room, it’s paramount to think about the size and layout. Lighting shouldn’t overpower a room nor should it be lost in the space. For smaller living rooms, floor lamps with slim bases are best recommended to illuminate darker corners or light up hallways without imposing or taking up too much space. Exquisite chandeliers or even large floor lamps can easily draw the eye in larger living rooms to add personality. The length plus the width of the living room in feet should equal to about the diameter of a chandelier in inches


why would you settle for form or function when you can have both? Proper lighting accessories can brighten up a room even when they are turned off. Lighting is essentially so much more than overhead fixtures and portable lamps. Besides adding functional task lighting, you can use pops of illumination to give your home an unexpected personalized touch. The trick is to play around with colors that either complement the overall theme of the room or color block to create a contrasting feel.


Experts advise picking lighting designs with mixed materials like different metals and glass. Although it’s not a must to match a light’s material to every other piece of furniture in the room, it’s worth going for a style that will complement the overall decor cohesively. For instance, if the living room wall is in a shade of blue, it would only make sense to opt for a lamp or fixture in a similar color for a harmonious atmosphere.


Ideally, you need more than one source of light in a room. There should always be a mix of lighting. For the best balance, aim for at least three sources of light in every space. The goal of layering is to create a construct between the light at the centre of a room and around the perimeter. It’s the interplay between light and dark that creates appeal otherwise everything would be flat and boring. In a living room, you may opt for a hanging statement fixture such as a chandelier at the centre of the room while floor lamps or a valance can be used towards the outer walls to offer functional brightness. Accent lights could be used to highlight art or add extra ambience to the space. 

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