Equinox; A Time to Explore Chanel’s Seasonal Tones In Makeup

By Jo Phillips

The wind lifts its skirt, bringing with it the motion of a gentle cool breeze that twirls the Burnt Umber leaf into the air where it dances like a helicopter but with a ladylike, slow-motion movement. Landing like a ballerina’s pointed toes on the chalky brown ground elegantly waiting for the low golden sun to warm the skin.

Illustration by Pierre-Paul Pariseau. insta@pppariseau

Photos byTaya Jones insta@TayaJonesfims

It is the season when T-shirts give way to cosy cardigans wrapped for added warmth against the inclement weather. The low sunshine deep, and golden, reflects the changing landscapes of rusts, golds, rich dark oranges, ochre and deep reddy-browns; the autumnal palette still holds the hope of summer warmth with the promise of cosy fireside winters to come.

A time of inspiration to the painter, the maker, and the crafter who deeply breaths in the tonal range. The outside spaces, woods, parks even roadside cafes, glare with this moment of crossing. The natural transitional colours; the bearers of change.

It was this time of year that inspired Coco Chanel to don her tweeds, velvets and knits in the deep seasonal hues that have been taken and explored this season in the newest make-up collection. The Chanel Makeup Creation Studio wanted to capture and translate it into colours and effects for the Équinoxe De Chanel for a/w 23.

Exploring the collection starts with the limited-edition Ombre Premiere Libre Loose Intence Long-wear Colour EyeShadows

The glass bottle allows for a glimpse of the colour via its black ombre pattern graduated on the oblong container. Concealed is a feather-light fine airy powder. This shimmered shadow is complete with a bud-like sponge-tip applicator. Swipe across the eye once or swipe again to build the required colour; deep, rich and sensuous.

Six natural, earthy shades are ripe for the season to warm the face and our hearts, with colours including delicious sounding, satin hazelnut brown, a deep walnut brown, and an orangy copper joined by burnt sienna, a caramelized garnet, and an intense aubergine. These eye shades are a limited-edition creation

How can we dress our lips with these warming tones? With the six tones of Rouge Coco Bloom rich creamy intense, plumping and long-lasting seasonal lipsticks, that’s how. Chanel’s first hydrating and plumping lipstick combines intense, long-lasting colour and sculpting shine in a patented formula.

With two phases the lips are colourful with long-lasting results but on top of this feel the plumping power of an ultra-glossy oil that rises to the surface reflecting light and bringing a stunning pout-worthy shine.

A new range of deep, radiant shades with a combination of nudes, soft, warm or ebullient pinks, luminous oranges, powerful reds, sensual browns and magnetic plums. Tones that bring Autumn to the lips.

If that were not enough the Hydraboost complex is made up of 3 natural waxes: Mimosa, Jojoba and Sunflower. This aids in keeping lips hydrated for up to 8 hours also allowing for softness and long-term comfort. Apply directly to the lips with a single swipe.
Within seconds of application, the formula transforms and releases a burst of shine.

Another Douceur D’Equinoxe is two blush sets. Here for the season warmth and glowing cheeks. Think of the russet tones of seasonal foliage. Two colour tones are available one with a muted coral and beige set, giving warm tones or the brighter rosy beige and mauve palette for a more seasonal warm glow.

Each is designed with a leaf print embossed into the power whilst its centre is captivated by the double C logo.

But don’t let your nails down because there are two new tones in the polish collection, Le Vernis. Nails can also join in with this joyful warmth of summer with a bright vibrant autumnal orange hue and with a shade of red-brown that takes us towards the cooler days.

The whole collection is that short time between the heat of summer and the cold of winter. A magical spirit is in the air, the sun sings from lower in the sky still sending out her heat but here a more softened golden and less bright sharp yellow. A moment of almost paradox where two meet that are so opposite.

Yet this turning point in its own way becomes the perfect balance towards the year’s end. When day and night are equal, they share the limelight if you like and with them comes probably nature’s most beautiful tones. Caught here by Chanel

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