Essentials in a box

By Joana Sousa Lara

The pandemic has taught us all a great deal. Not to mention the environmental impact of our hitherto unnoticed consuming patterns. For Skandinavisk, it was not the occasional impulsive purchases that they regarded as having the most possibility to minimize footprint, but rather the items used daily and require constant availability, such as soaps and moisturising creams and shampoo. After all, virtually all of us have at least two sinks at home, a shower cubicle that requires a regular supply of soap (and a good scrub), hair on our heads, or hands that have been dried out by the constant use of alcohol gels. However, the disorganized method in which these necessities tend to emerge at home – whether shop-bought, a grocery run, a delivery, a flash sale, or even ‘borrowed’ from a prior hotel visit – appears to be done seldom with a responsible mentality. All of this adds up to the logic of providing a subscription option centred on personal care, but available throughout the full Skandinavisk collection. To know more, keep reading Essentials in a box.

Skandinavisk was founded by Shaun, an inquisitive Englishman who fell in love with a blonde Scandinavian gardener. He was joined by a second English emigrant, Gerry, who shared his passion for Scandinavia, and a Danish designer, Line, who recorded their collective experiences and turned them into our own design DNA.

Their home and body scent lines, which have been selling since 2013, are inspired by over 20 years of travel around the Nordic area. The brand produces delicate, refined smells based on the characteristics of Scandinavia that they deem valuable to the residents and unusual to the outside world, combining them with colour, symbols, and a single local word rich in meaning to create distinct sensations of Scandinavia.

Design your own subscription box:

Simply choose your usual Skandinavisk necessities and the frequency with which you want to get them. After the first box comes, you have the option to alter, add, or remove goods before each subsequent delivery, adjust the frequency of delivery, or even cancel. Whenever you want. Without commitment.

For individuals who are concerned about their behaviours, there is comfort in knowing that one aspect of the home’s daily requirements is now being handled more properly. By a Certified B Corporation that deliberately minimizes its carbon impact and declares all of its local, natural, organic, ethical, and responsible activities.

For those looking for a good bargain, the client receives up to 20% discount plus free shipping, as well as a free gift in each package. This effectively makes the Essentials Box the cheapest option to stock Skandinavisk on a regular basis.

So, what is the environmental cost of Skandinavisk shipping these small boxes to your home?

First and foremost, these boxes are being shipped directly from the Skandinavisk warehouse in Denmark, which has received them directly from production facilities around the EU.

In reality, in the case of all personal care, this implies that everything has only been within Denmark before the consumer orders it. This means no additional emissions from shipments to international merchants, as well as no need for the client to drive to the store.

Second, Skandinavisk exclusively provides road transport in Europe, where freight is optimized and environmental costs are lowest.

Next-day deliveries, on the other hand, generally need more polluting air transport and are rarely optimized. To put it another way, half-empty cargo is being flown to eager consumers. The cost of immediacy is intangible but significant.

You can find the full collection here.

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