Eureka Entertainment Announce New World Cinema Range

By Jo Phillips

Opposed to Hollywood’s commercialised films which are churned out every other week, or so it seems, world cinema has become an integral part of the cultural zeitgeist due to its inherent artistic value and captivating plots. What we all love about world cinema is the alternative approach to film, content, and style which seek to address themes and issues which tend to be absent from the typical Hollywood blockbuster.

Eureka! Entertainment has recently announced that the company is to launch a new world cinema sub-label under the brand name ‘Montage Pictures’. With Managing Director Ruth Schofield at the helm, Montage Pictures will focus on delivering ground-breaking and thought-provoking world cinema from new and upcoming directors.

By supplying one of the largest independent film catalogues to cinemas and home entertainment formats, Eureka! Entertainment has already become one of the leading independent distributor of films in the UK. The various titles that are set to be released through Montage Pictures will be of interest for independent film aficionados everywhere.

The following five titles have already been announced so far;

Montage Pictures - DVD Image_opt (1)

Kills on Wheels (2016, Attila Till, Hungary) is an inventive coming-of-age tale intersected with dark comedy. A highly original, and infectious buddy-movie about a wheelchair bound gang of assassins. Winner: Roger Ebert Award at the Chicago International Film Festival.

Strangled (2016, Árpád Sopsits, Hungary) is a psycho-thriller based on real-life events. Set in 1960’s provincial Hungary, Strangled follows a series of murders intertwined with the political world of socialism.

Shirley: Visions of Reality (2013, Gustav Deutsch, Austria), tells the story of an American woman throughout the 1930’s, 40’s, 50’s and early 60’s, whose thoughts, emotions, and introspections are realised through thirteen of American artist Edward Hopper’s paintings. Through an impressive and cinematic recreation, Deutsch has created a film about the staging of reality and the dialogue between painting and film.

Rescue Under Fire [Zona Hostil] (2017, Adolfo Martínez Pérez, Spain) follows the crew of a medical helicopter in Afghanistan in 2012, that suffers an accident when helping a joint USA/UN force. Based on real life events, this film depicts an overwhelming military rescue in a time of contemporary warfare.

Suntan (2016, Argyris Papadimitropoulos, Greece) is a psychological drama set on a hedonistic Greek Island. Quietly compelling, Suntan follows the tale of a male midlife breakdown injected with suspense, humour, and desperation.

Suffice to say, this is exceptional news for film enthusiasts! And if you’re anything like me and my other half who can never settle on the choice of film to watch, the launch of Montage Pictures will finally relieve us from such a decision with their exciting upcoming releases!


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