Explore Without Fear; Perfume Discovery Sets Made Simple

By Jo Phillips

Before there ever was a pandemic and we couldn’t just freely go out to shop, browse and mooch around stores buying new scents was not that easy but at least you could go to scent counters and waft through numerous vapors until you could settle on something new to add to your perfume wardrobe. Once the Covid lockdown happened that ability ended, but it did explode the clever chiiled-out idea of discovery sets. Find out about the boom in the sets available in Explore Without Fear; Perfume Discovery Sets Made Simple

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Yes, a few clever brands created discovery sets so you could try usually 2 ml intros to a brand offering.; giving the opportunity to discover a new brand and its perfume styles or a new specific scent. These little sets began to explode onto the scene once the pandemic really hit, as they were the perfect way to explore new perfumes or scent houses without having to spend a large amount of money on a fragrance that may end up not working and therefore a waste of one’s hard-earned cash.

So just to clarify a perfume set usually includes a selection of samples, often grouped by theme or scent profile, allowing customers to try a variety of fragrances before committing to a full-size purchase. The Discovery Sets are an excellent way to find new favorites or to gift to someone special who loves fragrances or a great way to explore new perfumes for yourself.

They work particularly well because you can spray them at home and ponder their full scent experience at home over time and see how they develop on your own skin. It obviously avoids expensive mistakes splashing out on the big bottle, until you feel confident.

Most discovery sets run from about £18 to £40 depending on the costs of the full bottles but there are a few out there that start and £150 and above.

But what if you could get a discovery set that didn’t cost you anything? Meet Diem the new scent company looking to do things just a little bit differently to others.

The starting point is your discovery set which contains five Diem scent samples. It’s free and arrives in your letterbox. You pay £3.95 for postage and packaging.  Obviously when you find one (or more ) you love, get a full-sized 30ml bottle for £40. 

Five scents exist in the collection

When the light softens and everything feels mellow and full of magic…meet Catching Dusk. The golden light at the end of the day, that magical moment when day lowers her eyelids enjoying warmth lingering. Think of a warm spicy woody scent that includes spices like Saffron, Clove Cinnamon and Nutmeg set off against Moss, Cedarwood, Amber and Oak. A warming hug in a bottle.

Next up meet Off Piste, here think bright white vivid and exhilarating, surrounded by panoramic green.

The freshness of fir trees and pines groves the evergreen forest with its sweet camphorous notes alongside green woody Oakmoss. notes include Camphor, green Fir, delicious Hinoki Wood, Cypress, soft Amber, Oak Moss, and earthy Patchouli. For this fresh green woody vibrant scent.

Exploring the world of flowers comes next with Lunar Bud. Here intoxication comes via the sweet enticing notes of night-blooming Jasmine and sexy Tuberose, with a hit of green to keep it alive.

Opening with zesty Lemon and Mandarin, then going into fruity Blackcurrant, and heightened florals via Tuberose and Jasmine, rounding off at the end with Sandalwood and Amber. Heady rich and comforting

Maybe you prefer more of a contradiction in your scent then Two Halves is for you. To play to rest to want to not want? Maybe a balance is good? Here the fragrance opens with zingy Timut Pepper, and fresh bright Bergamot, and then meets in its heart with soothing lavender and earthy patchouli weighting itself at its base with Carwood sweet dried fruits and Labdanum. Fresh and bright to open yet warm and aromatic it is journey

Lastly, Liquid Light when the morning sunshine hits your face and all you feel is optimistic alive and ready for the day ahead.

Clean bright and fresh like the perfect jeans or white t-shirt once put on the world can be put to rights. Opening with refreshing Green Tea and Basil alongside Tea, fizzy Mandarin and peachy soft Osmanthus. Magnolia here is the floral note to lift and ‘tickle’ with rich olibanum to finalise this fresh bright floral citrus perfume.

Each of the five fragrances is boxed with a sharp strip of vibrant colour to code the feeling of the scent, see yellow pink blue red and black.

Interestingly the company also builds a unique profile of what is bought in order to share new ideas with you. The idea being, is to build new scents into the collection.

Now at literally the price of the stamps you can explore new scents for your own wardrobe or even scents for your every mood.

Find out everything about the brand here diemscents.com/

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