Exposed; Dark Slate

By Jo Phillips

Although white is often represented as the symbol of clean and sleek aesthetics, black radiates a certain modesty and elegance. For all of those who seek comfort and security in black clothing, the shade has proudly gone beyond the closet comfort zone. From developing new skincare technologies to raising awareness for a cause, black is no longer conforming, but statement-making.


As the holiday season slowly comes to an end, the fragrant Christmas tree is taking its toll in the living room, its pine needles scattered all over the floor. However, there are a good few reasons to keep black pine in your skincare routine. Black pine trees thrive in extreme climates and the extracted and distilled oil from the needles is commonly found in aromatherapy. Recent studies show that black pine extract is also a powerful anti-aging agent, as the antioxidants strengthen the skin’s connective tissues and therefore strengthen the bonds that form elastin, the most important protein that contributes to the skin’s elasticity. Korres is a Greek company that creates beauty products based on natural products. It has formulated in its lab a 4-product skincare line by integrating this ingredient into its new ElastiLift-3D™ technology, a 100% natural skin-remodelling complex. To find out more about the Black Pine 3D Sculpting range from Korres, click here.




While many may still refer to tailored ensembles as power-dressing, Giuseppe Zanotti’s SS18 campaign has an unusual take on the term, making shoes the centrepiece. Under the direction of Giovanni Bianco and styling by Carine Roitfeld, their minimalist approach puts forward the character of the footwear. In her second season at Guiseppe Zanotti, Bella Hadid showcases rock-and-roll and sensuality in many numbers, including “Kendra” and “Aleesha”, a pair of black leather studded moto-inspired cut-out boots and a pair of black strapless streamlined heels with gold hardware, respectively. Whether he’s styled in “Darin”, camo-print gladiator sandals, or “Reflect”, cut-crystal embellished loafers, Hadid’s campaign co-star Kit Butler brings a rebellious yet modern air to the look. To find out more about the latest releases by Guiseppe Zanotti, click here.




Power-dressing now takes on a more impactful connotation where glamour meets activism. As many brave women have come forward with their sexual assault, harassment, and abuse experiences in the entertainment industry in 2017, it’s no coincidence that the attendees of the Golden Globes 2018 show up in black gowns and suits, accessorised with Time’s Up pins, to mark the beginning of award show season. Black fashion is no longer a sign of conformity, but one of solidarity. To find out more about the movement, click here.


Becoming more engaged with activism doesn’t always imply all-black aesthetics. At Baobab Collection, they firmly support breast cancer awareness and proudly celebrate women in the form of an exclusive rose scented candle. Staying true to their signature touch, the glass container is unapologetically eye-catching – the pink-and-gold pattern is inspired by the traditional female symbol, evoking women’s time to shine each time the candle is lit. It’s perfect as a gift for a loved one or even for self-pampering moments. To find out more about Baobab Collection, click here.




As time has proven, inky hues never really go out of fashion; instead, they now take a more proactive place in our culture, no longer residing in the shadows of its counterparts. Its ever-growing presence in different industries clearly shows that black is not merely a trend, but an essential. To find out more about black trends in 2017, click here.

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