Exposed; Distilled Anatomy

By Jo Phillips

Dry January – in all possible aspects – may be the unconditional aftermath of December extravagance. The next season of joy and laughter may seem excruciatingly far away, but you may find comfort in the recently released, beautifully crafted fragrances from Tom Ford and ROADS that will open a door to a fantasy of sophistication. Between Tom Ford’s new take on the traditional Vanilla, and ROADS’ exquisitely curated experiences, get your coffee beans ready to dive into an encapsulating olfactory adventure.

Could the famous TOBACCO VANILLE by Tom Ford possibly foreshadow the birth of another vanilla-infused private blend? VANILLE FATALE takes you beyond the gentlemen’s club, into the impossible. With just a spritz, blood rushes to your head as you feel the great force of sweet and grounded nature take off. It’s powerful and vibrant yet tamed and sophisticated at the same time. Whoever owns VANILLE FATALE, owns a life force in a bottle, a fatal blow of magnificence. At first come the apparent Saffron and Coriander, then emerge the gripping Myrrh and Olibanum. The Roasted Coffee Absolute, Narcissus, and Frangipani emerge, seductively leaving a hint of Madagascan Vanilla and Rich Mahogany on your skin. God and goddess worthy.


VANILLE FATALE, Eau de Parfum (50 ml) by Tom Ford. £158.00.

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In addition to their ‘Core Collection’ of 10 hand-crafted fragrances, ROADS’ five new releases are artistically unrivalled. As a creative house that explores world culture, personality, landscape, and art, and thoughtfully selects their art books, photography, film and literature, their perfumery blends classicism and modernity, hosting a comprehensive range of specific sensational voyages, from the concocted vitalising high mountains, to the intriguing suspense of a chess game; 14 visually distinct artworks are assigned to each character, each scent, including works by Elise Hannebicque, Dylan Culhane, Lynnie Zulu, Yaw Tony, Sergey Tolmachev.

They are enough to quench the thirst of the adventure-seeker and anyone searching for creative salvation: he or she who lives and breathes in an international contemporary art world, is captured in ART ADDICT. Instantly gripping and unpredictably gratifying, the freshness of Green Apple and Pink Freesia meets the floral accents of Dewy Violet and Wild Orris, folded with sensual Amber and Musks. When you need to summon your inner calm and strategic self, summon END GAME off the shelves. With the helping hand of Bergamot, Clary Sage, Vetiver, and Musk, you can make a powerful yet calm and collected entrance to a corporate meeting. You may be walking on a cobbled street in the middle of a city while you’re dreaming about waltzing at the tip of a mountain, bathing in the refreshing notes of nature when you’re wearing FLOWER MOUNTAIN; this bottled landscape of Orange Blossom, Violet, and Jasmine lounges on a bed of vibrant Liquorice and Green hints, fading into woody and leathery accents. Envisioned with Acai, Cyclamen, Patchouli, and Tuscan Leather, UNSAID is meant to translate what words can’t, and to linger like a restless thought in the back of your mind; it is a unique and magnetic character that instinctively and instantly draws you in. Let your hair down to fully rejoice in the liveliness of FOOL AROUND: in a dimension where all senses are heightened, Mandarine, Frosted Petals, Waterlily, Tiger Orchid, Pink Magnolia, Crisp Amber, Velvet, Sandalwood, and Marine Accord harmoniously interweave.


From left to right: ART ADDICT, Eau de Parfum (50 ml) by ROADS. £95.00. END GAME, Eau de Parfum (50 ml) by ROADS. £95.00. UNSAID, Eau de Parfum (50 ml) by ROADS. £95.00.


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