Exposed; My Obsession

By Julie Jacobs

I have many boxes of make-up but there is one that I refer to as “The Untouched”.  I think the products and their packaging are far too beautiful to disrupt.   From time to time I carefully open each item and just gaze at its beauty, polish it and pop it back.  I’ll never use them, I’m just happy to admire them, for me they’re like little diamonds, why would anyone want to spoil their craftsmanship?

Everything about this collection by Balmain’s brilliant Olivier Rousting is pure class. The colours are unusual to say the least; there’s nothing traditional about them but somehow they wear as a classic would. One of the L’Oréal x Balmain Colour Rich Lipsticks will be placed in my treasure box.  Sadly, I do have to use the others to judge their true beauty  – it’s just a shame I have to actually disrupt one to prove it.


L’Oréal x Balmain Colour Rich Lipsticks

Words Julie Jacobs
Image Jason Yates

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