Exposed; Ready To Order?

By Jo Phillips

There is a certain secrecy when it comes to great recipes or the places you can enjoy the best alcoholic drinks. These guidebooks are here to expose all the interesting places and yummy recipes by bringing to the light all the hidden information and places not only in the UK but also all over the world.


Where Chefs Eat

This book is the equivalent of a world map of restaurants which are highly recommended by 660 chefs, with a third edition coming out on March 21st 2018. The restaurants vary from small local places to well-known and acknowledged Michelin restaurants. The book features places where chefs all over the world eat, look for inspiration or seek the best places to enjoy a nice dinner. For every traveler’s inner foodie or just anyone who wants to  around the world via their taste buds. This encyclopedia of restaurants provides 7043 recommendations and 4528 restaurants in over 70 countries, including reviews and key information about the restaurants and what to order to get the full experience.



The Great Dixter Cookbook

Home cooking with special organic ingredients from the garden always brings back memories from home. Vegetable gardener and cook, Aaron Bertensen, has brought together all the recipes of the English kitchen garden in a cookbook form, creating the perfect combinations of natural ingredients. Inspired by the Great Dixter, home of gardener and writer Christopher Lloyd, Bertensen has incorporated classic, as well as, contemporary recipes influenced by the historic houses and gardens located in the boarders of Kent and Sussex. Growing your garden and being able to create delicious and meals with the fresh produce in the proximity of your backyard is the secret behind this cookbook. With more than 70 easy recipes to select from, The Great Dixter Cookbook is going to become the ultimate guide to a more flavourful and healthy cooking approach with the help of the wonders from the garden.



Signature Dish

Charitable Bookings put together a recipe book called “Signature Dish” in which 365 chefs from the most prominent restaurants, private members, as well as, 5 star hotels shed light on their favourite secret main course recipes. Signature Dish is the door to not only many delicious plates but also to many secret recipes of some of the most well-known chefs and restaurants in the world. This piece aims to raise money and awareness for thousands of registered charities in the U.K. For every physical copy of the book (£40), £5 will be donated to charity and for every online version (£3.99), £1 will be donated.



Where Bartenders Drink

Over 300 experts in 60 countries have given their recommendations for the best 750 spots to enjoy your drink wherever in the world you night be. The guidebook includes late-night spots, well-known legendary hotel bars, as well as, cozy local spots in small neighborhoods where the bartenders hang out when off duty. If you are an avid traveler as well as an explorer of unique and different flavours of alcohol, then this is the ultimate book to indulge yourself with. The guidebook includes maps, recommendations and reviews to help you pick the best and most memorable drink from around the globe.



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Where Bartenders Drink


Diet Control

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