Exposed; Show Your True Colors

By Jo Phillips

Show your true colors proudly. This has become the latest message behind most of the products. However, Lipstick Queen and Toyota focused more on the people rather than the product by introducing products and campaigns which blur the lines of identity and aim at celebrating individuality and what makes everyone stand out.

Lipstick Queen – Girls Will Be Boys


Boundaries between male and female are no longer clear as society pays more and more attention to gender neutrality – a movement which gives you the freedom to transform into whoever you want to be. Lipstick Queen’s Girls Will Be Boys takes another big step towards blurring the lines of gender identity by officially introducing the first unisex lipstick. This sheer matte lipstick promises to blur out your lip lines to give the appearance of fuller lips and a Photoshop finish which is going to allow you to be your true self  – someone who does not fit or conforms to set gender ideals. Infused with shea butter, mango butter and vitamin E, the lipstick is going to transform but, most importantly, moisturize and protect your lips from being exposed to the harsh winter weather.

Toyota Aygo – Go Your Way

The well-known car company, Toyota, has partnered up with 4 drag queens for the “Go Your Way Campaign” in order to bring out the joy and colour on the classic Toyota Aygo. Stella Meltdown, Le Fil, Alfie Ordinary and Liquorice Black worked with the award-winning fashion photographer Kristian Schuller to bring out the fun and freedom which they use as artists and performers and create some unique version of Aygo. The main purpose of this campaign is to let people express their personalities and style in a way that would make an impact or a statement about their individual characters. This partnership between the 4 British artists and the well-recognized automobile company is another way of exposing to the world what makes every person different and what this individuality looks like when it comes to life.


Lipstick Queen – Hello Sailor

Hello Sailor Lipstick, £22 - SpaceNK _

Inspired by the dark colours and rock attitude of the 70s Lipstick Queen has come up with a lipstick which is able to change its colour based on the pH of each individual’s lips. When applied to the lips, the lipstick’s distinct indigo blue colour starts changing and becomes a more personalised and pearl-finish raspberry pink. This unique transformation of colors in you lips allow you to show your true colors and express yourself though the power of makeup which accommodates to tour own lips. The long lasting pink color syncs in with the skin’s natural pH to create the pink color that only exists for you.


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