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By Jo Phillips

Our face covered by fine skin is probably one of the first things people notice when we meet them for the first time. It’s our first presentation of ourselves. Their eyes may subconsciously linger taking in without even thinking about what our skin is showing. That could easily explain why we spend so much time and energy looking after our skin, yet we have so many choices how do we decide what we should do in a marketplace so brimming with options? What about if we could have a treatment that brings the best of everything together?

There is a plethora of options not just in-home skincare but also in-store beauty treatments. So where on earth do you start to navigate this forest of options? And how often? From home to in-clinic treatments?

So quite simply put our facial skin’s life cycle is about three or four weeks and then new skin cells grow back. So timing a monthly facial is a good marker. But if that is not a reality, then a quarter-year facial helps deal with the weather changes of the seasons

So what actually is a facial and what is the point of it? Well, it’s an opportunity to recharge your skin and get rid of impurities, while relaxing at the same time. There are general reasons to have them including preserving youthful looks, dealing with signs of ageing, helping with the effects of sun damage and smoking, and clearing up acne-prone skin. Of course, for both women and men, as both have different skin needs.

A basic facial will include starting with cleansing and a level of exfoliation, getting rid of makeup and dead skin cells and other skin impurities that aren’t embedded in the skin. Often followed by steaming, which helps open your pores so that your skin is better prepared for the extraction but not all will involve this. Then extraction which will remove skin impurities that are within the outer layer of your skin and finally a cold towel could be put over the face to close the pores followed by a moisturiser.

Working on the epidermis or the outer layer of the skin, other options include more specialized treatments such as microdermabrasion, LED treatments, and light chemical peels, facemasks among others many that are driven by machinery and can be very harsh if not done properly.

Technology is dominating our lives, not just in our personal lives and working world but even food shopping and beauty treatments. We have become removed from our human connection, a personal touch, even in the world of skincare.

Abigail James is revolutionizing the realm of facial rejuvenation with her unique approach that puts human feelings back into massage. With her self-titled and multiple practices, she has created Rejuvology™.

Abigail trained in Beauty therapy, sports massage, Vodder MLD, craniosacral, and Myofascial release, as well as being an NLP practitioner, life coach and high-performance coach. With her refreshing new approach, she has managed to mine from multiple practices and take the best from each and every version, to combine to make for the perfect facial; one that covers Mind body and spirit

It wasn’t really a case of tried and tested practices it was more training in many different forms of therapy over the years and these methods have evolved into a bespoke practice. Taking what I have felt, practised and evolved into how best to work with the face, body and skin to gain the best results physically and emotionally.

Abigail James

She is constantly challenging the idea of what beauty is and what it means to us in 2023 and she presents Rejuvology™ as a way of putting the ‘beauty’ back into Beauty.

Rejuvology™ put simply is a new facial massage treatment providing a non-surgical facelift effect. She is also approaching how we talk about beauty for different people and different ages including the less discussed menopause, looking at it as a ‘transformation’ rather than a being a negative period of a woman’s life. A far more 360 approach to how the face is a mirror of the state of our body’s physical and mental health.

A revolutionary new style in the world of facial rejuvenation massage that transcends the boundaries of traditional treatments. By skilfully working on the head, neck, face, and upper body, this holistic therapy revives facial contour and restores vitality to your expression, all while offering profound support and improvement to your emotional well-being. An emotive feeling sensing experience with the touch of a gifted and guided set of hands elevating the whole person.

She is also a published author with her book The Glow Plan: Face Massage for Happy, Healthy Skin in 4 Weeks, which enables readers to use The Glow Plan to feel beautiful, inside and out.

But taking the book and personal practice forward she is looking to build a whole new community in order to spread her teachings, ultimately to build a community of expert Rejuvology™ practitioners, whilst championing the practitioner role within beauty and well-being.

“For over 20 years I’ve been fortunate to share my best face treatment methods with millions of people worldwide, both online and in person in my London clinic. I’m committed to a 360 approach to skin health and beauty, combining technology and science with nature and holistic, hands-on massage”.

Abigail James

Really her life’s work is about raising the bar on skills and standards within the beauty industry and bringing trailblazing therapists in, with a new wave of excellence. Should a qualified beauty therapist, nurse practitioner or wellness professional look to move upwards in their training in order to go to the next level Abigail offers a comprehensive training program with a variety of learning methods designed to transform practitioners.

A self-confessed Geek about ingredients she uses products within her treatments that have been personally selected, from her over 20 years of experience, for their integrity, efficacy, brand ethos and user experience. She offers options on her website for all the products she uses

Beauty is an emotive journey and it is not about perfection; it’s about feeling happy in your skin and the inner glow that comes from cultivating self-care. Abigail will aid this journey to aid your own confidence, and positivity, and enjoy the benefits that living well brings to our happiness, well-being, and of course, showing through to our skin.

Find out more about Abigail and her methods here  Abigail James.com

If you are interested in her course please visit here for Practitioners

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