Face Save

By Jo Phillips

We are all in the second Lockdown, it doesn’t seem to matter where in the world or which city most of us now are living in a mask-wearing world. Yes, it is not easy they steam up glasses and help give us spots or rashes, so its good to know there are options out there to help meet the newest face save mark literally called Avant Guard here and learn how to care a little more for those around you and for the health and wellbeing of your own boat race.

Faiza Seth, the founder of AvantGuard, is based between London and Hong Kong, with Hing Kong being a city sadly more used to pandemics say than many European destinations; think Sars. So she has used her background in design, sourcing, and manufacturing to create AvantGuard; a sustainable, fashionable mask combining innovative design with lasting respiratory performance that is also far kinder to our faces and has some added antimicrobial elements.

Interestingly in East Asian countries mark wearing has been accepted for quicker than in the West. Because these styles of cultures are very much into respecting people’s personal space often communities wore marks if they have a cold or cough in order not to pass on the passenger next to them on public transport or such like activities.

These masks are a big step forward in technology. They are made with Aerosilver™, an exciting new next-generation healthcare fabric that has permanent anti-viral and anti-bacterial functions that will survive repeated washing.

Aerosilver™ is integrated into the actual fibre so is not released into the skin and infinitely retains its antimicrobial properties. Oeko-Tex, an internationally recognised textile testing and certification organisation has awarded AvantGuard a Product Class 1 Certification, which is the most stringent certification making the masks even safe for babies.

AvantGuard masks are designed to fit closely against the skin, eliminating any air gaps, however, this is where others in the market fall short as they can often result in skin irritation causing rashes and spots from not sitting properly.

Another added benefit is that AvantGuard masks have a skin protective layer that helps to move sweat (and bacteria) away from the skin to the outer layer of fabric thus helping wearers to avoid developing ‘maskne’ and  other skin complaints. 

Importantly, these masks also boast a huge environmental advantage over disposable masks, with many experts saying that the impact of disposable masks poses a bigger environmental threat than single-use plastics, carrier bags, and straws, and we are already seeing first-hand the devastating effects that cast off masks are having on wildlife and in our water systems. Our design reduces waste by 95% (i.e. 20 times less waste) in comparison to disposable masks and 90% (i.e. 10 times less waste) in comparison to reusable masks with a filter.

Maybe one area that is really worth highlighting is the stylish design credentials that have been well considered in order to de-stigmatise mask-wearing and to encourage compliance and ultimately better health outcomes. We have real evidence that mark wearing makes a real difference and certainly for the short term isn’t going to go away.

Each mask comes They come in a protective Aerosilver™ hygiene pouch ensuring you have somewhere safe and hygienic to store your mask when not in use. 

If that was not enough the only official charity mask partner to Great Ormond Street Hospital and have other philanthropic projects in the pipeline.  Brand giving and helping to slow the spread of Covid 19, is at the heart of the brand and above all else, AvantGuard is determined to ensure that we all understand the serious reasons why mask-wearing should be an essential and natural part of our daily routine.

To find out more and to buy masks go top www.theavantguard.com where you will also see the colours and collections avaiable.

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