Face The Food

By Jo Phillips

Skin care has been around for centuries and for many years the food we eat has also been used as part of daily skin care regimens. We didn’t exactly put Avacardo directly on our face, but things like coffee grinds have been used in body scrubs, coconut oil an alternative for frying has been utilized for its moisturising benefits and salt for added taste in our food is of course also a natural exfoliator. In a new collection from Sanctuary Spa, the mind is fed as well as the skin; it’s like your skin gets a few of its six a day, find out more in Face the Food.

The art of face care began to find its way towards self-love in the late 1970s to the early 1980s, with much thanks due, to the early spa brands.

Holistic skincare brand Sanctuary Spa has a wonderful heritage that current lovers of the brand may well not know. All based on a love story it was opened in 1977 nestled away from the hustle and bustle of Covent Garden by a man madly in love with his ballerina wife. The Spa was a place of pure tranquillity where the ballerinas of the Royal Opera House, would retreat to relax, unwind & recover.

Its’ global reputation as one of the earliest health spas with one of the finest reputations for excellent facilities and treatments meant permanently booked up treatments with famous faces seen at the spa including Joan Collins, Debbie Harry, Dame Helen Mirren, Dame Emma Thompson to name but a few. It was also a hub for friends and small groups to meet and relax in its spa pool, heat and steam room Koi Carpe Lounge, mani-pedi rooms and 40 treatment areas, whilst supported by an A La Carte restaurant and then its own line of products that came in 1988.

The concept of feeding minds and our skin has been part and parcel of what the ethos of the brand and its newest collection gives to its heritage and opens up a new selection of products

Golden Sandalwood Natural Oils is the perfect self-care collection.

It starts with the rather magical Three-Phase Shower Oil with 97% Natural Origin. Shake to blend. Massage onto wet skin in circular motions and rinse.

An innovative and unique shower oil transformed once shaken, to blend. It includes three levels of ultra-nourishing oils. Fid from the kitchen the warming scent of black pepper, alongside freesia &sandalwood. the triple oil leaves skin feeling super soft whilst replenishing and intensely hydrating skin for up to 3 days after just one use. Formulated with 92% ingredients of natural origin and suitable for all skin types

Golden Sandalwood Natural Oils Sand Salt Scrub

From the grocery list to the body; salt here with sand and natural oils in a buffing and polishing scrub that intensely exfoliates and moisturises to leave the skin feeling velvety smooth, Also from the spice cupboard is the warming scent of black pepper, with freesia & sandalwood. Formulated with 92% ingredients of natural origin and suitable for all skin types

Mousse-to-Oil Moisturiser Day Moisture

This is a dynamic product, a lightweight foamed mousse that transforms to oil and melts into the skin, moisturising deeply and leaving skin looking and feeling replenished, radiant and feeling supple for up to 7 days. Most sustenance via the warm black pepper and delicious almond oil alongside shea butter to intensely moisturise, and freesia & sandalwood indulges the senses. It also leaves skin looking replenished, radiant and feeling supple for up to 7 days.

Ultra Rich Wet Skin Miracle Moisturiser

So much to do and so little time? This may be your new best friend. A new and unique way of moisturising. Finish your shower and turn the water off, apply the moisturiser whilst still soaking wet, don’t rinse just simply towel yourself off. A thirst-quenching buttery lotion that sinks into wet skin instantly moisturising in minutes. Ingredients wise find Avocado oil, Shea butter and Cocoa butter here blended with deeply hydrating hyaluronic acid.

Or, if that style of moisture doesn’t pique your interest what about a pot of Melting Pearls Body Butter?

This rich, and creamy blend contains shea butter with tiny pearls of Moroccan argan oil both of which are found in Moroccan culinary traditions. The butter melts into the skin to intensely moisturise, with warm, golden sandalwood scent to indulge the senses. Deeply nourishes to leave skin looking replenished and radiant and feeling velvety soft for up to 7 days.

Finally, after all the delicious skincare finish off with a little me time via Sanctuary Spa Golden Sandalwood Collection Scented Candle

You have fed your mind and body now sit back and relax, again utilising these delicious notes the scented candle is fragranced with white and warm Golden Sandalwood alongside facets of black pepper, freesia & sandalwood.

All of the products are suitable for all skin types, are cruelty-free, mineral oil-free and vegan friendly, while the packaging is 100% recyclable.

Sooth your body, skin and mind with all of the above collection and call into your life a calming ambience self-loving healing and feeding time via the Sanctuary Spa Golden Sandalwood Collection

Find the whole Golden Sandalwood Collection here

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