Fantasy: Add some A List allure with Michael Kors Beauty

By Jo Phillips


Awards season is beckoning, which, for beauty, fashion and acting fans, means the chance to swoon and pore over acres and acres of fancy gowns, coiffed hair and (usually) immaculate makeup creations to complete the actors’ transition from Big Screen to the Red Carpet.

This A-List visions of Beauty that we are presented with seasonally, is a fantasy yet to be attained by everyday people. And nor should it be easy to master, because that is what fantasy is; our dreams of achieving the looks that these modern day gods and goddesses bring to our attention.

However, thanks to the arrival of Michael Kors’ first, and fabulous new cosmetics range, “Sporty Sexy Glam,” this glossy ideal looks set to become somewhat closer within our non ‘A-List’ reach now that it has finally launched here on UK shores.  Let .Cent show you what’s included in the collection with some of the pieces to whet your appetite.  I’d suggest sitting down:

Full Collection 1
Comprising classic colours with stunning pigment levels and textures across a tightly edited selection of key makeup items, the Michael Kors makeup launch features an extremely wearable range of lipsticks, silky-finish bronzers, glossy nail polishes in the kind of colours that make me want to get a fake fur stole, cigarette holder and Hepburn gloves to transport me to the glamour of years past, when dressing up to the nines at all times was considered completely normal.

.Cent was also lucky enough to get a Q&A with the designer himself about his influences for the range:

This beauty collection truly represents the DNA of your brand. How does it relate to your approach to fashion?

MK: I think about beauty and color [sic] the same way that I think about fashion. It’s about a heightened sense of reality, being the best version of yourselfThis requires a collection of essentials.  With a wardrobe, it’s a great black dress, a classic trench coat and jeans that make your figure look amazing.  With makeup, you need a healthy nude, a bold pink and a timeless red.  The collection is super versatile because it’s customizable — and it will never go out of style.

What is your most important beauty tip? 

MK: Makeup should not be a mask. The SPORTY SEXY GLAM woman exudes an easy, carefree beauty that looks like it took about two seconds.  Don’t cover the texture of your skin.  It should glow. This collection gives you that effect—it’s easy and attainable.

What inspired the direction of MK Collection? Why SPORTY SEXY GLAM?

MK: My inspiration comes from the women in my life.  I’ve always been interested in their layers.  For instance, my mom was usually sporty.  She always had a suntan and she never spent more than two minutes on her makeup before she was out the door. My grandmother was a bit glam. She was an indulgent fragrance user. It was always in her bath, on her wrists, behind her ears.

The collection is more than a trend.  It’s about mood. For me, the Michael Kors woman has three main moods; Sporty, Sexy and Glam.  Sometimes you want to feel sporty and effortless; sometimes you want to be glamorous and indulgent; and sometimes you want to be unabashedly sexy.  Most women have all three inside of them.  And sometimes they turn the volume up or down on one of those three elements, depending on the mood or the moment.

What is your advice on the best head-to-toe looks for each of a woman’s moods?

MK: Sporty is the perfect on-the-go, got-to-get-there-fast look. It’s all about cool, casual pieces that have a bit of edge, like perforated accessories, great sneakers and a leather moto jacket and lots of cozy, sexy knits.

Sexy means taking everything up a notch. It’s a cocktail dress that hugs the curves, sky-high heels and a strut in the step. The sexiest women I know are the ones that ooze confidence, so I love accessories that express that, like an oversized watch or a python bag. They really up the sex appeal.

Glam is so much fun to dress for and is the ideal look for evening. I’d go for a sleek dress, embellished heels, a darker lip and a metallic clutch. Pile on the jewelry [ too—what could be more glamorous.”

Bronze Powder Collection

A trio of fragrances also accompany the Sporty Sexy Glam collection, each named after the eponymous mood it represents. The packaging alone is nothing short of the glamour, decadence and WOW you’d like to believe still exists. AND IT DOES. Right here. There’s Gold! Metal! Embossed yet subtle logos!

This is a makeup range that is aimed at polishing you to Oscar awards standards, rather than blinding you with pigment and staining your lips. It’s finish is featherlight to the touch, so if you are not used to this from a makeup, then you will need to practice and build up a few layers should you want more of a defined look.

We’d like to thank Michael Kors, for best new makeup launch of the year. And no, I don’t think its too early to state that.

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