Fantasy: Blurring Boundaries

By Jo Phillips


Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 16.38.15Fantasy and romance fit together like a hand in a glove, or maybe more appropriately a foot in a shoe.

United Nude is a conceptual shoe brand and has a beautiful story that would certainly tick a romantic fantasy for many. Architect Rem D Koolhaas tried to win back a lost love by downsizing architecture, it’s worth mentioning at this point that he was in fact an architect, to create a shoe that would encapsulate and adorn her delicate foot. I don’t know if this grand gesture worked and won him back the girl, but it sparked the innovation and concept for the brand and in 2003 together with seventh generation shoemaker Galahad Clarke they launched the shoe brand.

Fast forward to today and United Nude have numerous stores around the world and are currently taking part in The Festival of Imagination at Selfridges with a pop up shop and exhibition running until 9th February.

The exhibition will see a collection that includes  the ‘NOVA’, a couture shoe designed in collaboration with Zaha Hadid, this exquisite shoe literally screams architecture.

There are many other events going on at the Festival of Imagination which is definitely worth a look. Imagination begins with fantasy and i’ll leave you with these words.

Imagination is the number one fuel for creativity and without it things simply wouldn’t be designed. To imagine means to think new, to think outside the box, to dream and to invent’  Rem D.Koolhaas.



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