Fantasy: Breathing New Life to Everyday Objects

By Jo Phillips

Optical Chandelier Tinted (Small) 2009

Everyday objects are often considered as unexciting and uninspiring, simply because we see them every day and get bored by their every day presence. Have you ever actually imagined there could be more to them than their everyday existence? Stuart Haygarth is a Berlin-based illustrator, artist, lighting designer, who dares to bring fantasy and realism together by taking an interest to these objects. Haygarth produces individual hand-made pieces which give birth to a new perception and bring a new narrative to these ordinary objects.

Haygarth’s work process begins by collecting objects. The pieces are then classified like a large 3D puzzle according to choice and assembly of his installation. Then, the material becomes part of a collection organised by colour and function.

Barnacle (Black) 2009

The assembly of recycled objects create a new expression. For example: his work Tide Chandelier (2005) and Barnacle (2009) are assembled using broken and rejected plastic objects that washed up on the Dungeness beach. Through Sharp Project (2003-2006), objects confiscated from passengers boarding British Airways flights were re-appropriated, breathing a new life and a new story to these neglected and found objects. The way the light reflects off the banal surfaces of the pairs and pairs of glasses contrasts to show the precious quality of the chandelier of the Opticals (2007) installation as a whole.

Stuart Haygarth’s latest exhibition Play opens on 8th February 2014 at Carpenters Workshop Gallery in Paris and runs till 10th May 2014.

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