Fantasy: Frizz-Free Hair

By Jo Phillips

Some of you may remember the days before tourmaline or ionic based straighteners, serums, humidity proof styling products, particularly when you may have just stepped out (from a lovely salon with gorgeous, newly styled hair) and *into* the pouring rain. New shiny hair now looking somewhat frizzled up and definitely not what you had paid for.

Well, those days are most definitely behind us, for frizz-fighting gadgets and supplies of hair treatments are in abundance. Even more exciting is the prospect of a ground breaking new ‘at home treatment’ which is set to change the hair lives of people everywhere – for at least 6 weeks anyhow.

Free from frizz
I was lucky enough to be invited to the global preview of Free From Frizz, a brand new, patented, frizz fighting hair kit which aims to give you 6 glorious weeks of frizz-free hair in approximately the same length of time that it takes to do a home hair colour… What’s not to love right?!

With floraceutical ingredients, a skin pH balanced formula and nutrient rich; the Free From Frizz creation truly is a global first for the industry, not to mention super nourishing for our hair and far less harmful for our skin than other keratin treatments. In fact, the whole technology involved is a bit of a ground-breaker; for it ultimately “softens” and structurally rearranges the hair bonds, instead of being broken (in previous similar treatments), so that ultimately the hair strands remember the new “glossy” form rather than a grumpy frizzy cuticle.

The FFF at home kit will come in two forms; one for thin and fine hair (watermelon fragranced) and one for thick and coarse hair (mango fragranced) and contains a pre-cleanse shampoo, semi-permanent keratin hair treatment, a tangle-proof comb and gloves, the makers believe they have created a pioneering solution for our tresses.A shampoo and conditioner according to each hair type has also been created, in order to help maintain the condition and longevity of the treatment.
FFF home kit
How does it work? In a nutshell, you need to wash your hair twice with the pre-cleanse, lightly towel dry, apply the keratin treatment and leave to soak in for 30-40 minutes before using heated straighteners to “seal in” the treatment onto your hair. Once heat treated, you need to leave your hair alone for minimum 24 hours and up to 48 hours whilst the keratin gets to work. There is a slight smell during this process, but nothing too unpleasant. It soon goes back to a mango-y smell once it’s done what it needs to.

After this time lapse, you are free to wash and style your hair as normal, but note, it will be SO much quicker thanks to the lack of frizz combat action you will need to take. How can I be sure? Because I’ve done it myself! And I can safely say, so far, within the first few days of allowing my hair to dry naturally, with NO product or styling proactively applied (which is normally a NEVER), I have seen a DISTINCT reduction in my usual curly haired mop of frizz. *YES*

Here’s my before and after pics of trialling the treatment so you can see I am telling the truth… output_zaSiYa

So now, I’ll be putting this little magician to the 6 week test – watch this space for pics and updates.   Launching officially in Boots stores in February (only a few weeks away) and priced at an astonishing £14.99 this is one treatment that won’t break the bank yet will look like you have spent a fortune getting that glossy, polished finish on your hair. Thanks to @freefromfrizz for this invention. Simply a fantasy come to life.

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