Fantasy: Penhaligons nose how to keep London’s Collection of Men happy

By Jo Phillips

Tickets: Check. Show schedule, colour coordinated and updated: Check. Smartphone charger: Check. Tablet to record every moment of show: Check. Strived for yet nonchalant outfit combination: Check. Understated but thought-through accessories: Check. Sartorial Swag: check. Timeless, aspirational scent to wow peers and keep fresh during frantic trips across London for shows?! Ahem, did one forget something.. .?!

Worry not, if there’s one thing the Royal Fragrance house of Penhaligons nose how to do, it’s scent. Keeping the atmosphere and olfactory experiences sweet for you this coming London Collections: Men season is the timeless classic; Blenheim Bouquet.

Penhaligons BB LC:M

Created over 100 years ago, this season’s partner to the London shows combines a masculine mix of citrus, woody notes and spices to freshen and fashion up your Men’s Collection session. Blenheim Bouquet candles will be alight throughout the BFC show spaces whilst some lucky VIPS will receive one to take home.

To see the full Collections schedule, and keep up to date with the coming season’s collections, click here.

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