Fantasy: Snow and ice, and all things nice

By Jo Phillips

January is well underway without an appearance of the widely forecasted Snow on our doorsteps, so we thought we’d find our own snow and ice to sate our appetites.

First up is an intriguing fragrance launch from Icelandic visual artist, Andrea Maack.

Picture 7Titled Coven, Maack created the scent from her fascination with the mysterious dark corridors of the supernatural world…  Particularly a journey through and folklore of Maack’s upbringing.

Coven is a natural extension of that immersive world, developed by Andrea with her team of master perfumers. The result is a powerful, dramatic and enchantingly sexy fragrance.  The deep forest greens of the Icelandic forest come through in Coven’s grassy, earthy notes, whilst the folkloric myths are represented through soft spices to achieve a combination which is as dark and mysterious as the Icelandic nights.

From ice, we bring you snow… Well, in polish form at least. We adore these sparking, wintery shades complete with snow and ice inspired sparkles from Topshop and Illamasqua. Blizzard from Brit brand Illamasqua is nothing short of miraculous in it’s construction – suspended snow particles floating within the varnish.

Picture 8

Whilst “Epiphany” from Topshop gives us our sparkle back in more ways than one. Literally an Epiphany we tell you! And likely to last a lot longer and look prettier than the real thing if and when it does appear.

Topshop Epiphany polishTopshop Nail polish

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