Fantasy: The dream… The hope

By Jo Phillips

The dream... The hope by Rajha Al-Qudsi

The dream… The hope” is the incredible title of artist Rajiha Al-Qudsi’s upcoming exhibition at Great Western Studios this January. Al-Qudsi’s work is built upon her personal experience over the past 30 years illustrating the perceptions of women and depicting a sensible dream of humanity in line with superficial qualities.

“Women are the essence of my artwork. Throughout time and age they have shown a delicate strength. Women have an imagination that highlights their hopes and dreams for the future. I understand this very well and portray it into the beauty of the doves in my paintings.”

– Rajiha Al-Qudsi

The dream... The hope by Rajha Al-Qudsi

Al-Qudsi is a student of the Baghdad College of Arts, who worked under the supervision of numerous respected professors such as Faiq Hassan, Farag abbw, Ismael Al shekly and kathim Hayder. Her work is characterised by the study of colours and relationships within figurativism.

The Iraqi artist is a member of the society of the Iraqi Fine Artists Association – a non-profit association that aims to ‘provide a high standard of fine art, to establish a collective work of the Iraqi fine artists in Britain, build bridges of communication and cooperation between artists inside and outside of Iraq and co-existence in international events’.

Rajiha Al-Qudsi’s exhibition “The dream… The hope” opens on 24 January at Great Western Studios and runs till 30 Jan 2014.

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