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By Jo Phillips

Fashion is not only a woman’s prerogative. Many men also want to look stylish and be informed about the current fashion trends. Just before saying goodbye to summer, men still have time to look at some of the trends that will prevail in men’s clothing in the Fall and Winter of 2020 and beyond!

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Baggy Clothes are still hitting the runways

The baggy clothes made their appearance on the runway in 2012, but in recent years have become an integral part of our wardrobe. The large shoulders and the long sleeves in the coats will be the elements that you will constantly encounter in the collections of winter clothes. Inflatable jackets will be equally in fashion, too, but be sure to look at what styles suit your body type before just buying for the fashion only. Mens coats will always be something that makes a statement piece. 

Knitted sleeves, glitter and plaid?

This is definitely one of the trends that we did not expect in the year 2021. But let us not forget that most fashion houses were inspired by the creations of the style that men had in the seventies. They can be worn over blouses and shirts to create an impressive layering, or with a sleeveless blouse – shirt for the autumn months, as suggested by Prada. If you are a fan of shiny items in clothes, such as glitter and rhinestones, you have just found the trend that suits you. It is the time when nothing is considered excessive, since both Dior and Alexander McQueen released coats and pants with glitter details. Plaid is the all time classic pattern for clothes. It is in fashion almost every summer and winter with a few variations. For 2021, the ideal is to choose clothes with large squares, without this of course meaning that a more discreet design will make you look old-fashioned.

Louis Vuitton is one of the first supporters of this trend and as said, wanted to give a more upscale touch to men’s shirts, which refers to the 90 preferred light-colored shirts, such as white, blue and cream and the ruffles cover a large area of ​​the shirt. For a slightly more discreet look you can choose a shirt with delicate fringes that doesn’t appear too feminine – if you prefer.

Find the right size! 

When buying fashion, buying the right size clothes is imperative for a man but of course, there are pitfalls that you can fall into by choosing to wear this particular outfit. That’s why you need to know what clothes you can combine it with depending on the style, color and designs it has. But again, the most important thing is to wear the right size. You don’t want sleeves that droop down. To check your sleeves, you should be careful when you have your hands down that the edge of the collar of the sleeve reaches exactly to your wrist and is not narrow or too wide on your arm. The right size is when you can comfortably raise your hand without squeezing and rolling up your sleeve. 

Ready to rock a handsome suave look this fall? You know you are.

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