Fashion Gifting

By Jo Phillips

Out of all the gifts you could give someone, a fashionable item of apparel, or an accessory, can sometimes be the hardest to get right. Not only must we ensure they like the item, but that they are likely to wear it. They will often feel obligated to wear this item around you from then on to show their appreciation, and if they’re only feigning their love for it, you might have given them a burden they cannot bear to directly address.

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Of course, it’s not your job to make sure every single gift you give is 100% perfect, but we can put a little effort into ensuring our friend enjoys our gift, especially at this special time of year.

So, how can we achieve this without somehow making a mockery of this entire effort? It might take time, energy and enthusiasm to get this right, and to weigh your options, but we have no doubt your friend will adore whatever you pick up this year if you keep to some practical wisdom. Let’s discuss that wisdom below:

Consider Their Taste

Consider your friend’s tastes. Odds are, it could be that they have shown a disposition or a liking to a certain style, or a certain type of store. That gives you somewhere to start. It could also be that helping them add to a collection they find favorable is a great idea. Purchasing a hat for someone who always wears them, from a store they love to visit, could be a great and arresting gift for them to accept. A little snooping and a few nosy yet subtle questions can’t hurt in this effort, either.

Consider Their Sizings

Consider what sort of sizings they may require, or may be used to. Unless you know this or you are so close that asking won’t really pose a problem, it can’t hurt, although you might give away your gift idea in advance by asking. Still, this is better than having to purchase something that is the incorrect size. Of course, you can always pay for the tailoring after if you like, which is a nice touch. That said, make sure you purchase items that are one-size or the most applicable and relevant to their body. Accessories are fantastic for this. No matter what size they are, Balenciaga bags will always look phenomenal on their arms.

Play It Safe

Playing it safe can’t hurt from time to time. When it comes to fashion, offering something completely out there and risky might not be as appropriate as a gift, because it not only assumes something about that person’s personality but what you expect of them. A beautiful coat, a nice accessory, or even just a gift card to a beautiful high-street store, sometimes playing the purchasing of a fashionable good in the safest possible context can be the most rewarding decision.

With this advice, we hope you can gift someone you appreciate that fashion piece they didn’t know they needed. They’re sure to appreciate it, too.

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