Fashionable Drive

By Jo Phillips

Over the years, Ferrari has forged a halo around itself that media, music and cinema augmented into a cultural magnet for both car lovers and not. It is a luxury brand known for its whole elegant high-end lifestyle approach. Find out more in Fashionable Drive Here. All Images

Therefore Ferrari is expanding the scope of its business, starting with luxury fashion. To highlight the intertwined nature of this relationship based on values of craft and aesthetic, the fashion show happens at Maranello amidst the production lines themselves. Car-making and fashion-making sharing the same roots. A symbiosis made strikingly tangible through the close proximity of two, apparently separate and different, worlds. A car is a vehicle that is being worn. An item of clothing can be conceived in the same way.

Material, colour, design and function merge, enveloping the body, augmenting its functions, reshaping, protecting, magnifying its forms.

The human body is the root in which the mechanics of covering it and making it move fast have their origins. Fashion and car making collide, in many ways.

Multifunctional and sustainable fabrics, primary colours, inventively designed forms define an aesthetic that is bold, intrepid and assertive. Ferrari chose a language that is attuned to the new generations. A fluid, impactful one.

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