Fashion’s Future, Future’s Fashion

By Louis Lefaix

The best way to predict the Future is to create it. With time we have seen innovation in all domains. The fashion industry is no exception. Throughout the decades style has evolved to get where it is now. Avant Garde clothing designs act as a window into the future. They showcase cutting edge technologies and styles. This is Fashion’s Future, Future’s Fashion.

Twice a year, we may well witness these innovations on the Paris Fashion Week runway shows. At this year’s edition, Denmark-based label RAINS and software company Zellerfeld shocked the world with their “Puffer Boot”.


RAINS is an outerwear lifestyle brand, it blends a conceptual-meets-functional design approach, a strong urban inspiration, and a signature fabric identity.

It brings its neo-Scandinavian aesthetic, unisex collections, and consistently surprising curation to consumers across four continents.


Zellerfeld is a software company, but not your typical. Indeed, they are the leaders in 3D-printing shoes. They fully 3D-print shoes for designers.

Furthermore they are changing the game with their mono-material, non-physical labour alternatives.  

Rains X Zellerfeld collaboration

The “Puffer Boot” could’ve easily replaced Nike’s Air Mag from Back to the Future. In fact, it looks like it has been brought to us by a time traveller.

Moreover, the shoe has sculpture-like appearance, giving out the impression of being stone carved. Although material wise it is far from that. Indeed it consists of puffer element made of 90% air.

Furthermore, this was a first for Zellerfeld, they had previously been working with foam. Yet, the software company managed to retain their shoe’s mono-material and eco-friendly signature.

In short, this collaboration is a display of what could become the future of footwear. It couples Zellerfeld’s innovation with RAINS’s creative flair perfectly. Truly, it is Fashion’s Future, Future’s Fashion. It also highlights that although rather slow to say the least fashion is looking for better and cleaner solutions.

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