Fashion’s Newest Star 2

By Jo Phillips

One in a lifetime comes a talent so precocious, so divine, so eloquent, one that stands out as a true rebel, a true genius and one that changes the creative world forever. The latest to enter this London-based arena is named Raymond Novak. A fusion of broken London and flirtatious Paris steeped in a world of Polari; an anarchist of fashion in the truest sense of the word.  Novak is an antidote to much of the artifice of the modern runway, and will forever change how we regard this art form which is clothing in its most exclusive language. Find out more in Fashion’s Newest Star 2

All images by Nhung Nguyen are based on outfits featured in Richard Milward’s Man-Eating Typewriter.

The main image on the left-hand side; Novak wears silvery astro-pantaloons, explosive marmalade Chelsea booties, op art matelot camisha, king Neptune Capello, frog crop shyka, and jumbo insectoid sol goggles.

Below are seven outfits to be seen wearing this week, all shown on Novak himself, taken from his memoirs, Mister Asterisk, the book-within-a-book in, Man Eating Typewriter. These images are exclusive to .Cent with permission of Novak himself.

Vonka is full of amyl nitrate, and Novak wears a hospital gown, tin can capella, electrodes and a petty rubber horsey shoe betwixt his gums.

Novak wears unfamiliar bandages.

Novak wears a gross black cape, bicorne capella with blood-red ostrich feather, tricolor sash, sabots, and executioner’s mask.

Novak wears long johnathans, insulated lally-covers, woolly mammoth manto, thew-high booties, hiking almond rocks, nell-muffs, Piccadilly ruff and fumblers.

Novak wears a dazzling lab coat, tet-mirror, plastic fumblers

In mourning, Novak wears black papal regalia: velvet vestments, triple-caroon, screaming bacon eek

To find out more about this exclusive designs of Raymond Novak go to Man Eating Typewriter by Richard Milward at White Rabbit Books Here

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