Fast Car – BMW and Lexus

By Jo Phillips

“With a gently sloping bonnet and boot, short overhangs and a low waistline, the BMW 5 series is my vintage car of choice”, says Steve Bicknell, the guest-editor of our ‘Path’ issue. In our article ‘Fast Car’, we are talking about the BMW 5 Series, which is representing the balance between elegance, sportiness and power and is the subject of many famous film car chasing scenes. Check out the full article and the clips from the movies in our magazine here.

And for a little car news this week why not see the news from Lexus, who are launching the all-new LS, which is designed as a true global car, reflecting a strong and uniquely Japanese identity. It will be available in around 90 countries worldwide.


The unveiling of the LS 400 in 1990 marked the start of the Lexus brand and its breakthrough approach to luxury, comfort and smoothness. Since then, Lexus consistently raised these original benchmarks and is now debuting its fifth generation reimagined Lexus LS. It is the flagship of the Lexus brand and embodies the history and image of the brand and serves as a symbol for everything it stands for.

The new LS has a radical design and features a coupe-like silhouette. Furthermore, it has the interior spaciousness of a prestige saloon with new twin-turbo V6 engine posts, a projected 0-62 mph acceleration time of 4.5 seconds. It also features luxury platform delivers, excellent agility and comfort, and an advances safety system with the world’s first intuitive pedestrian detection and avoidance function. The new car is longer and lower than the original model and it features a striking new exterior design. The LS has been built on Lexus’s new global architecture (GA-L) for luxury vehicles and therefore includes a driver-centered feel and renowned Lexus ride comfort. The vehicle also represents the brand’s direction through ‘Omotenashi’, the Japanese concept of hospitality. It means taking care of the driver and passengers, anticipating their needs, attending to their comfort and protecting them from hazards.


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